Policies and Procedures

To encourage a culture of dimensional wellness at Minot State University.

Support the academic mission of MSU by providing an environment where students may learn behaviors conducive to creating healthy lifestyles. Wellness, which is about making healthy choices regarding dimensional living, is the common thread of the Wellness Center's programs and services.

MSU Wellness Center
500 University Ave West
Minot, ND 58707

Regular Hours of Operation
Regular Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday 6 am to 10 pm
Saturday 10 am to 6 pm
Sunday 12 pm to 8 pm

*Reduced hours of operation (including closure) are in effect during summer semester, university holidays, and other scheduled breaks.

We hold the option to shut down for routine maintenance and cleaning.

Please note that all hours are subject to change due to the academic calendar, unforeseen circumstances and/maintenance schedules.  Please consult our website and Facebook page for the latest information pertaining to hours of operation.

The purpose of these policies is to provide guidelines for the users of the Wellness Center facility.  Our goal is to create a safe and enjoyable environment for the participants of the center.  The use of the Wellness Center is a privilege, and individuals not cooperating with the established policies will be asked to leave or have their privileges revoked.  Wellness Center staff reserves the right to make judgment and the final decision on policies not covered in this participant policy manual.

The Wellness Center operates on an "exercise at your own risk" policy. All members must sign our annual liability waiver. The use of the Wellness Center facility and its programs is voluntary.  Each individual utilizing the facility assumes the risk for any harm or injuries sustained.  Neither Minot State University nor the Wellness Center can assume any responsibilities for injuries incurred through participation in its programs and/or services in or outside the facility.  It is advised that participants use caution and be aware of potential health risks associated with exercise, and obtain a physical from a doctor before beginning an exercise program.

In order to maintain a high level of service to our users, the Wellness Center enforces a Code of Conduct that all participants must follow.  The Wellness Center staff appreciates your cooperation in creating a friendly and positive environment for wellness opportunities in all areas of our facility.

Participation in all programs and recreation at the Wellness Center is a privilege. All users who participate in activities or who utilize the Wellness Center facility agree to adhere to the following Code of Conduct:

Participants will:

  • Treat the Wellness Center staff and facility with respect.
  • Act with character and courtesy while respecting the rights, welfare and dignity of all others in the Wellness Center facility.
  • Refrain from vulgar language and offensive conduct.  Such language that is deemed offensive to others will not be tolerated.
  • Adhere to the rules and policies included in this document set by the Wellness Center and Minot State University.
  • Act in a safe, responsible manner regarding themselves and others.
  • Participants engaging in inappropriate behavior or violating Wellness Center policies may be subject to have their privileges of participation revoked and could face possible University disciplinary action.

Solicitation is not permitted in or around the Wellness Center except by the employees of the University acting in the scope of employment or by MSU student organizations.

Use of informal activity spaces is first come/first serve when not scheduled or reserved.

No spitting allowed in the Wellness Center, which includes water fountains, trashcans, walls, or floors.

Personal items should not be left or placed on the floor or equipment.  Space is provided in the day use lockers and locker rooms.

Wellness Center staff will not hold equipment, valuables or bags for members.

Participants are expected to exit the Wellness Center by closing time, unless special permission has been granted by the Wellness Professional Staff.

The Wellness Center may not be used for private or commercial purposes unless the Wellness Center Management has approved activities.  Examples of prohibited activity include, but not limited to personal training, private instruction, sales, etc.

Weight bars and dumbbells are intended for the weight floor surface only; they are not to be taken out of the weight area.  If equipment is removed from its designated areas in the building, it must be returned.

Follow MSU emergency policies for all emergencies.

During an emergency, the Wellness Center staff will provide direction.

Emergency Phone Numbers
Wellness Center Front Desk Number - 701-858-4084

Emergency numbers listed below in primary contact order:

  1. Fire-Ambulance-Police - 911
  2. MSU Emergency Phone numbers
    1. Off campus - 701-858-HELP (4357)
    2. Direct Line - 701-500-2423
    3. On-campus - 4357
  3. Wellness Center Director, Paul Brekke - 701-858-3485

The Wellness Center is committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment for the entire MSU community.

Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to attend all Wellness Center sponsored events.  Any person with a disability who requires an accommodation in order to participate in a program should contact Paul Brekke, the Wellness Center Director in advance at 858-3485.

Service animals are permitted in the Wellness Center.  The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and ND Law (ND Century Code, Sec 25-13) allow service animals to accompany persons with disabilities on the MSU campus.  The ADA defines service animal as any guide dog, signal dog, or other animal individually trained to assist a person with a disability.

The Wellness Center is a substance-free facility.  Users must agree to take reasonable precautions to prevent the possession or use of alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs and tobacco products in the Wellness Center.  Refer to the Minot State University Drug Free Campus Policy and the Tobacco Free Campus Policy found in the Student Handbook.

The Wellness Center reserves the right to determine the acceptability of all exercise attire.  Wellness Center staff decisions concerning appropriate clothing will be final.  Failure to dress properly will result in denial of the use of the Wellness Center.  Clothing with offensive language, designs, or pictures is not acceptable.  Clothing inscribed with profanity is prohibited.  If necessary, a staff member can address a Wellness Center member if the member’s clothing is offensive to another user or is inappropriate or if items pose a danger to self or other.

  1. Closed toed shoes  must be worn during exercise.
  2. Shoes, shirts, shorts and/or pants must be worn at all times in the Wellness Center.
  3. Jeans, zippered or metal riveted shorts or pants are prohibited due to the risk of ripping equipment upholstery and posing a risk of injury.
  4. Shorts must be long enough to cover buttocks and groin when the participant exercises or moves.  Appropriate support and undergarments are required at all times.
  5. A second pair of clean, dry shoes is suggested for use in the Wellness Center.
  6. Court shoes must be worn for all court activities.  Shoes that mark floors, shoes that have open toes or heels, and turf shoes are prohibited in court and exercise areas.
  7. Jewelry that may cause equipment damage or pose a risk of injury should be removed.

Wipe down cardio machine with a provided gym wipe prior to use and when finished.  Include the seat and handrails.

As a courtesy to other users, limit cardio machine use to 40 minutes.

Cell phone/electronic device users must be respectful of others when utilizing their devices.  Photos cannot be taken without the permission of Wellness Center Management, and those being photographed.

Non-marking athletic shoes only.

No dunking or hanging on rims or nets.

No kicking or throwing of balls or other equipment towards the ceiling.

Volleyball and badminton nets and standards will only be set up and taken down by Wellness Center staff.

No tampering with lights or panel boxes.  Requests or problems should be referred to the Welcome Desk.

Limited equipment is available for checkout at the designated equipment checkout.  If equipment is not returned, the Wellness Center will suspend the participant’s membership and charge the cost of the equipment to that participant’s MSU account.  The participant cannot regain membership until the charge is paid.

Open and recreation basketball and volleyball have court priority with the exception of events scheduled by the Wellness Center.

No food or beverages allowed.

Rollerblades ONLY allowed in MAC.

Only water in a closed container.

Areas in the Wellness Center are designated for appropriate posting of University publicity. No signs, posters or advertisements can be placed in the Wellness Center without prior staff approval.  Signs and posters must also contain the stamped approval by Student Activities.

Decorations, including signs, posters or advertisements, are not permitted on walls or furnishings in the Wellness Center without consent from the Wellness Center Director.  Decorations must not disguise, cover, or interfere with any safety device, including fire safety equipment such as fire extinguishers, exit signs, sprinkler heads and piping, and fire alarm pull stations.  For further information, contact the MSU Facilities Management, 858-3210.

Members may check out equipment free of charge with current MSU ID at the equipment desk.

Equipment must be returned in the same condition that it was checked out. Patrons should make staff aware of any flaws or blemishes of equipment before proceeding with use.

All equipment must be returned on the day it was checked out to the equipment desk before leaving the Wellness Center or before the Wellness Center closes.

The member checking out the equipment is responsible for the item(s).  If the equipment is lost, damaged or not returned, the member who checked it out is responsible for the cost of the equipment.  

Spin bikes are available outside the scheduled hours of the specific group exercise class.  Classes will take priority to requested individual checkouts.

General wear and tear on equipment is the responsibility of the Wellness Center.

The Wellness Center is a controlled access facility with only authorized users allowed entry.  

A wellness fee paid with tuition for full-time students each semester (pro-rated for part-time students) funds the Wellness Center. The wellness fee provides operational and personnel funding, which includes but is not limited to salaries, benefits, and programs and services that promote student wellness.

Access to the facility can be denied if an individual has a hold on their MSU account. 

Entry and exit of the Wellness Center is through designated entrances and exits.  Individuals entering or exiting through non-designated doors and/or propping of doors are subject to disciplinary action. Such actions are strictly prohibited.

No food at any time in activity areas (exception:  food may be allowed for special events if prior approval by the management.

Water is the only beverage permitted in all areas with wood floors.  Water containers must have a closed lid.

No glass containers in Wellness Center.

Non-marking athletic and dance appropriate shoes only in Group Exercise room.

Avoid showing up late or leaving class early in order to minimize disruption.

Equipment provided in a group exercise class (hand weights, mats, medicine balls, etc.) cannot be removed from the space the class is being held.

Classes will be filled on a "first come, first serve" basis. Reserving equipment or spots in group exercise classes is prohibited.

The purpose for guest passes is to accommodate family and friends of Wellness Center members. A guest pass is $5/day. All payments will be charged members MSU account. All guests must sign the annual Liability Waiver. Guests are not eligible to sponsor other guests.

Guest Pass Contract [pdf]

Locker rooms are provide on the second floor of the Wellness Center. Gender-neutral restrooms are available on the third floor of the Wellness Center.

Day use lockers will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis for all members. Lockers are available on all three levels of the facility as well as the locker rooms. Locks are not provided.

Locks that are not removed by the end of the night on day-use lockers will be removed, and the contents found in the locker will be placed at the front desk and held. Contents not picked up will be donated to charity with no compensation to content owner.

Lockers are available for rental.

Wellness Center is not liable for any lost or stolen personal items.

Found items should be turned in at the Welcome Desk.

Inquiries regarding items lost should be made at the Welcome Desk.

Items not claimed will be given to charity.

The Wellness Center is not responsible for lost or stolen belongings.

Wellness Center members must check into the front desk and must show a current MSU ID card.  No current ID = No Entry. Membership is comprised of all current full-time students and can be purchased by all MSU employees.

Spouse Memberships are available for current students and employee members. (Effective January 2019)

Outside guests meeting with Wellness Center staff must check in at the Welcome Desk before entering past the controlled access point.

The MSU Student Wellness Center staff is responsible for controlling the type of music and volume level of all the music played within the facility.

Personal music/video selections are welcomed in the Student Wellness Center but are not permitted to be audible to other members in any area of the facility unless it is specific to a Student Wellness Center program or other MSU programming. Individual headphones are needed for your personal music/video devices.

The Wellness Center Director will give final approval for any pictures or videos.  No pictures or videos taken in the locker rooms or restrooms.  Requests for pictures or videos should be placed at least 24 hours in advance.  Participants who wish to have their photo taken while engaged in activities at the Wellness Center must have permission of the Wellness Center staff.

All climbers must check in at front desk and sign an annual Liability Waiver.

All climbers must check in with climbing wall staff before climbing.  

The wall can be used only when supervised by Climbing Wall Staff.

Shoes must be worn when climbing.  No climbing in sandals, socks or barefoot.  Shirts must be worn at all times.

The Wellness Center reserves the right to remove any person from the premises for unsafe or inappropriate behavior.

Free weights must be restacked and barbells and dumbbells must be returned to the racks after use.  Do not place free weights near or against mirrors.  Wellness Center staff are available for assistance if needed.

Know your limits.  Do not lift beyond your capabilities.  Use spotters when necessary.  Wellness Center Staff may assist in spotting lifts only if and when the staff member is capable and comfortable with the weight being attempted and has been asked to spot for safety purposes.  At no time will staff members compromise their own safety.  Staff has the right to refuse service if they deem necessary.

Slamming or dropping of the weights will not be tolerated.  In order to preserve the equipment and ensure the safety of all members, please choose an appropriate weight that will prevent you from slamming or dropping the weights.

When crowded, do not occupy a select weight station for more than 10 minutes.

Immediately report any facility/equipment irregularity to Wellness Center staff.

Please wipe down the machine, including your seat and handrails prior to using equipment and when you are finished.  Wipes are provided through out the Wellness Center.

Chalk will be provided in the weight room. No outside chalk is permitted, please use what is supplied.

Students are welcome to use the running track in the Dome facility. Access from the Wellness Center to the Dome is permitted; however, re-entry to the Wellness Center is limited to first and second floor.