Minimum Class Size Policy

Effective Fall 2009

Minot State University is dedicated to ensuring that curricular programs and offerings are delivered in a timely and sequential manner giving students the confidence that they will complete their degree/program requirements in a timely manner. To ensure efficient use of institutional resources, Minot State University has established the following policy on minimum class size. This policy does not apply to courses offered through the Center for Extended Learning.

The purpose of this policy is to define enrollments below which classes will be canceled.

The university has established the minimum class enrollments limits:

Undergraduate 100-200 level courses 10 students
Undergraduate 300-400 level courses 8 students
Graduate courses 5 students

The following will be considered exceptions to the minimum class enrollment requirement:

  1. Independent study
  2. Clinical experiences
  3. Methods Courses
  4. Student teaching supervision
  5. Private lessons/Ensembles
  6. Honors Seminars
  7. Internships/Field Experience
  8. Practicums/Capstone courses
  9. Independent/Directed Research/Thesis

The department Chair with approval of the College Dean may offer courses below the minimum class size requirements when:

The course is required for graduation and if the class were canceled it would impede the student’s normal progress towards graduation.

The course is required in a program and the class must be offered in a sequence or timing in order for students to maintain the proper sequencing of courses.

Class cancellation procedure
One month prior to the first day of class, the Registrars Office will provide weekly class section status reports to each department/division chair, the college dean and the vice president for academic affairs. Two weeks prior to the first day of classes, the department chair will meet with the dean, review the section status report and send a list of canceled classes to the Registrar’s office which will immediately notify the students that the class has been canceled.

If a faculty member has had a class canceled due to low enrollment, the chair and dean, in consultation with the faculty member, will reassign the faculty members time to other courses or responsibilities.

The dean will also send a list of courses which are granted an exception under this policy to the vice president for academic affairs.

A class which fails to meet the minimum class size after two offerings will not be permitted to be placed on the term schedule unless compelling evidence is presented justifying its offering.

Policy distribution
This policy will be distributed to Chairs and Deans each time term schedules are created. Prior to registration, campus advisors will be sent reminders of the policy so they can share the policy with students. It should also be placed in the undergraduate and graduate catalogs as well and prominently displayed on campus connection where students can see the policy when they register for classes.