Medical Services

At the Student Health Clinic, we provide general medical care including preventative care and diagnosis and treatment of illnesses and injuries.

Three ways to schedule an appointment

1. Online. Some appointments can be schedule through your Student Portal.
2. Call. Call 701-858-3371 to make an appointment.
3. In person. Stop by the clinic, located in the lower level of Lura Manor, to make an appointment.

We have a full time registered nurse that can provide basic first aid and offer medical referral throughout the community. We have crutches available, rent free.

Flu Vaccines will be free to all students starting fall 2023 while supplies last. Don't let the flu mess up your busy schedule. According to the CDC, flu vaccination can reduce flu illnesses, doctors' visits, and missed work and school due to flu, as well as prevent flu-related hospitalizations. For information about the flu vaccination and flu shot clinic schedules at Minot State,  visit the appropriate link below:

The immunization program at Student Health offers vaccinations for:

  • MMR
  • Meningitis
  • Influenza

As a student, the North Dakota University System requires you to have certain immunizations. More information is available on our Immunization Requirements page.

To enroll as a student at Minot State, you are required to complete a tuberculosis screening questionnaire. Student Health offers TB testing if needed.

We offer health education and promotion programs to help keep you healthy. Programming topics include:

  • Drug and alcohol abuse and use
  • Eating disorder issues

Student Health provides other services you may need as a student at Minot State, such as:

  • Reporting required illnesses to public health agencies
  • Preparation and maintenance of medical records
  • Reporting required injuries and/or crimes to public safety agencies, including:
    • Rape
    • Sexual assault
    • Domestic violence