Mental Health

Mental Health Crisis and/or Emergency Contacts

  • Campus Security at (701) 500-2423
  • 911
  • Trinity Emergency Room - 1 W Burdick Expy, Minot, ND 58701
  • 24/7 Suicide Hotline 988 
  • Domestic Violence Crisis Center - 3900 11th Ave SE, Minot, ND 58701, Phone: (701) 852-2258

Currently enrolled Minot State University and Dakota College of Bottineau Students can make an appointment for mental health concerns at the Student Health Clinic. Students already diagnosed with a mental health illness should follow-up with their established healthcare provider.


Students requiring the need for further evaluation and/or cognitive behavioral therapy will be referred to a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC).

A complete list of mental health resources in Minot will be given to each student.

Campus Counselor
Students presenting with concerns regarding personal development, coping with conflict, improving self-understanding and interpersonal relationships, time management and developing realistic career plans will be offered referral to the MSU Campus Counselor.

Disability Services
Students exhibiting or requesting the need for academic accommodations will be referred to MSU Access Services.

In the case of suicidal or homicidal plan and/or symptoms of psychosis, 911 will be called immediately.

Psychotropic Medication Management and Refills At the discretion of the FNP, patients suffering from mental health illness will be started on psychotropic medication and offered follow-up with the Student Health Clinic. Students must establish care in the community or with their healthcare provider by the end of the semester for continued mental health medication management. No exceptions can be made for students that are not currently enrolled for the current semester.

Refills for psychotropic medication are contingent on the agreement that the student will provide copies of counseling progress notes to the Student Health Clinic if the student has been referred to an LPC or MSU Campus Counselor. (Authorization for Disclosure of Information)

ADHD Medication Management
Students requesting refills for ADHD medication will need to submit copies of their psychological evaluation and testing, and a progress note from the healthcare provider who provided the last medication refill. (Authorization for Disclosure of Information) Refills on ADHD medication will only be provided until students can access care from a psychiatric provider. This does not always guarantee the medication will be refilled. The Student Health Clinic and Counseling does not provide psychological evaluation and testing.

Students not diagnosed with ADHD and want to be tested should seek psychological evaluation and testing with a mental health practice site with primary focus on ADHD testing and psychological evaluation.