The Student Health Clinic (SHC) is conveniently located on the lower level of Lura Manor, south entrance. A registered nurse is available to provide basic first aid, vaccinations, tuberculosis testing, immunization record review and medical recommendations throughout the community.  

The SHC has a partnership with Northland Health Centers to provide medical services. Students will receive a $50 credit per enrolled semester for medical services located at 1600 2nd Ave SW, Suite 19, Minot, ND. Call 701-852-4600 to schedule an appointment. This credit does not apply to dental or behavioral health services, nor does it apply to medical services received elsewhere. 

Self-scheduling is now available for clinic and counseling services:


The SHC will no longer provide excused absence notes for illnesses or injuries. Students are encouraged to communicate absences with their professors. 

The current guidelines from the CDC for Covid are:


To schedule student health appointments, please call 701-858-3371, during normal business hours, Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.  If you need to seek healthcare services after hours, click here.

Preparing for your appointment

Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment to complete any necessary forms. There is a possibility you may not be seen by the provider if you arrive late. 

 How to schedule an appointment

1. Self-scheduling: is now available for clinic and counseling services:


2. Call: Call 701-858-3371 to make an appointment.
3. In person: Stop by the clinic, located in the lower level of Lura Manor, to make an appointment.

Health Insurance

The Student Health Clinic only bills services to the United HealthCare Student Plan (insurance plan for International students only). For health insurance plan options and details, including benefits and rates, please visit United Healthcare Student Resources. The North Dakota University System is another valuable resource for health insurance information, including information about your campus contact person. 

In some cases, you may be eligible for a waiver of NDUS designated insurance. For information about the waiver process, visit the NDUS Health Insurance Waiver webpage.

Additional health insurance information that may be beneficial to you can be found at the links below: 

Mission and Goals

Student Health Services at Minot State University is administered in a manner that assures the provision of high-quality services that fulfills the organization’s mission, goals, and objectives.

To enhance student learning by promoting a healthy lifestyle, reducing risk behaviors, and providing health education to Minot State University Students.

The Goal of the Student Health Center is to improve the status of health and the quality of life for MSU students while they are on campus and as they plan for the future. Focus is on:

  • Health promotion
  • Risk reduction through surveillance and control of health hazards.
  • Health education
  • Referral to other campus or community services as needs are identified

The Student Health Center is funded through the Student Activity Fee. There is no charge for an on-campus consultation with the health care staff. Students are responsible for any additional expenses for such services as procedures, diagnostic tests, radiology, laboratory and other fees.


How can I cancel an appointment?
You can cancel your appointment in one of the following ways:

  • Cancel online through your STUDENT PORTAL.
  • Call us at 701-858-3371.
  • Cancel in person prior to your scheduled appointment time.

Late arrival policy
There is the possibility you may not be seen by your provider if you are more than 10 minutes late for your appointment. This will be left to the discretion of the office based on the schedule.


MSU Student Health Clinic Medical Excuse Policy

Class attendance is an individual student responsibility and a matter between you and your professors. With limited exceptions, MSU (Minot State University) providers do not give “class excuses.” If you will be absent due to illness, you are responsible for calling or emailing your instructors as soon as possible to notify them of your illness and to determine how best to make up the class time or missed assignments.

It is often the best course of action for persons with viral illnesses to remain at home and follow self-care guidelines until their symptoms lessen and they can return to school and/or work. This means, for example, staying out of classrooms and work places while acutely ill with a cold, covid or influenza. It is rarely medically necessary to be seen by a health care professional in these instances. It’s also not possible for MSU Student Health clinical staff to verify the presence or severity of illnesses that have already resolved. Please do not ask for a “retroactive class excuse” from the health center in such instances.

In addition, please note that the Student Affairs Emergency Notification procedures are not intended for use in these types of non-emergency absences. Those procedures are intended to assist you with faculty notification when crisis or emergency circumstances make it difficult for you to contact faculty personally.

MSU providers may recommend that you remain out of class in the following instances:

  1. If you are diagnosed with a contagious illness that requires you to remain out of work or school per specific public health protocol. Examples of illnesses that fall into this category include measles, mumps, or pertussis (whooping cough). In such instances, MSU Student Health Clinic staff will work with community public health officials to ensure all health guidelines are followed and will work with the VP of Student Affairs to assist in communication with your instructors. We will also assist in ensuring that friends, family or other close contacts are notified if any preventive care is recommended for them. Return-to-class guidelines will be provided, and this will rarely involve a follow-up visit to the health center.
  2. If you are diagnosed with an illness that will require you to be hospitalized, and/or to remain out of class for an extended period of time to recuperate, MSU Student Health Clinic staff will provide documentation on a case by case basis and will work with the VP of Student Affairs to assist in communication with your instructors. It remains your responsibility to make arrangements, to make up missed course work, or to follow university guidelines for withdrawal from courses if that becomes necessary. Examples that may fall into this category include surgical recovery periods or recuperation from serious episodes of illness.

Revised: September, 2023

Alternative Community Medical Resources

Recourses and Links

For additional resources, including alternative medical resources, Minot State's 8 Dimensions of Wellness, and a student health and wellness guide, visit Resources and Links. Information about mental health, including crisis contacts, is available HERE.

Screening Tools

Health Questions - Go Ask Alice
Go Ask Alice! is the health question and answer Internet service produced by Alice!, Columbia University's Health Promotion Program - a division of Health Services at Columbia.

Tobacco - Why Quit
WhyQuit unites three independent cessation resources - motivation enhancement, a quality education, and serious group support - to form a highly effective nicotine dependency recovery tool.

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Clinic hours
Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Closed all legal holidays and campus closures

Contact information
Student Health Clinic
Lura Manor, lower level, south entrance
Minot State University
500 University Avenue West
Minot, North Dakota 58707

Phone: 701-858-3371
Fax: 701-858-3997

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