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Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships are university appointments that provide financial support to outstanding graduate students. Assistantships allow students to gain experience in teaching and research at the university level and are considered a scholarship.  

Assistantships are available at 1/8 time and 1/4 time, depending on position requirements. During the academic year, a 1/8 time assistantship requires 5 hours of work per week for 16 weeks while a 1/4 time assistantships requires 10 hours of work per week for 16 weeks. Assistantships are also available in the summer. Teaching assistantships require 1/4 time appointments. 

Assistantships are generally awarded one semester at a time. To be eligible, a student must be enrolled in 6 credits per semester during the academic year and 3 credits during the summer.  

Students apply for an assistantship through the MSU Human Resource System. Click here to view and apply for employment opportunities.


Minot State automatically offers the Hometown Pride Scholarship to NEW graduate students employed in a K-12 school within a qualifying county. To qualify, a new graduate student must be enrolled in a certificate, master's, or specialist program and provide a letter from their principal or superintendent confirming employment at a qualifying K-12 instruction. This letter should be uploaded with the application.

Several programs offer scholarships within their programs. More information is available on the Scholarship Form - Apply Online

APA 7th Edition (Effective Fall 2020)

ProQuest archiving (required)
After receiving final approval from the Graduate School, refer to step 5 in the Thesis Final Review Process after Defense document. 

ProQuest website:
The Training and Support & Resources and Guidelines tabs along with FAQs to tutorial videos are helpful tools to assist you in the submission of your project or thesis.

Additional tips:

  1. A student will be required to set up an account.  It is recommended the student review the site ahead of time to prepare for the submission.
  2. A student will be required to submit $95.00 at the time of submission.
  3. Copyright fees and bound copies are optional (unless required by the department) at the students expense.
  4. Due dates provided on the Graduate School home page apply.

Suggested Web Sites for APA formatting information and assistance:

A graduation application is required for degree posting and to receive a diploma. Prior to submitting, visit with your program director to ensure all graduation requirements will be or have been met. 

Submit the application during the prior semester for the semester in which all degree requirements will be met:

  • For Summer and Fall conferal - submit application by:   March 10  

  • For Spring conferral - submit application by:                  November 1

To access the Graduate School Graduation Application:

  • Log into your Campus Connection
    • Select MiSU eForms
      • Graduate School
      • Application-Graduate

  • The graduation application does not reserve your spot at the Hooding or Commencement Ceremony

To access the Application for Certificate:

  • Log into your Campus Connection
    • Select MiSU eForms
      • Registrar's Office
      • Application-Certificate

Graduate School Hooding Ceremony and University Commencement Ceremony Information

  • Hooding and Commencement Guide
  • Hooding/Commencement Participation form (Registration opens in January)
    • Form is required to participate in the ceremonies

Leave of Absence

Students who are completing coursework (excluding thesis, project, and capstone course) and plan to be inactive for a period of time not to exceed a full calendar year are encouraged to file a Leave of Absence with the Graduate School. Submission of this form provides a means for the Graduate School to track students' progress and term activate them after the period of absence so they may register for the upcoming semester. 

Application for Deferment or Re-Admission 

Admitted students who wish to defer their admission date must submit the Application for Deferment or Re-Admission prior to the semester in which they were planning to enroll. 

Students who wish to return to graduate study after having been inactive for three or more consecutive semesters should submit the Application for Deferment or Re-Admission to the Graduate School. Also, students should submit any transcripts showing additional graduate credits taken from other higher education institutions while inactive from MSU (if applicable) and an updated Statement of Purpose describing their plans for completing the degree if re-admitted.   

Graduate School Calendar

University Calendar

  • View the University calendar for last day to add, drop, and withdraw from all classes; registration; grades due; and holidays.