Syllabus Criteria

You can attach your syllabus by email to Amy Woodbeck or mail it to:

Center for Extended Learning
Minot State University
500 University Ave W
Minot, ND 58707

If you have any questions about this process, please call Amy at (701) 858-3989 or toll free 1-800-777-0750, ext. 3989, or email

As you prepare your syllabus for the course you’re proposing, please address the following criteria:

Course Information
Course Number, Course Title, Credit Hours, and Instructor. If an activity is being offered by more than one instructor, the syllabus must reflect the number of hours each instructor is teaching. Also, resumes must be provided by the instructor(s) for the course. If it is a conference activity, resumes must be submitted for each person presenting along with the number of instructional hours.

Course Description
Include a detailed course description with the hours listed for each area/topic to be covered and by whom.

Student Outcomes
From the course, what is the student accountable to know, understand, appreciate, or be able to do?

Course Content Outline
The course content outline enumerates the course’s topics. The depth or detail is expected to vary with instructor preference. The instructor should require intellectual interaction between student and instructor and encourage it between student and student.

The following teaching strategies are not exhaustive but indicate types of strategies which might be noted on the syllabus: Lecturing (explaining, illustrating, and clarifying), dialogue, debate, discussion, student presentations, logs/journal, critiquing assigned readings, practical experiences, and field trips.

Assessment of the Student’s Performance
Looking back to the student outcomes, by what means or techniques is each student’s performance evaluated?