MSM Curriculum

The Master of Science in Management (MSM) program requires successful completion of 30 semester-credit hours total - 10 courses at three semester-credit hours each.

Course Descriptions

Students who have not completed previous courses in accounting, finance, and statistics, will be required to complete and submit Peregrine Academic certification of such for the Business Ready modules in Accounting and Finance prior to registering for FIN 545 and the Statistics module prior to registering for BADM 550. It is highly recommended that students who have had these courses but are not current in their knowledge in these topics also complete these modules, as appropriate, although Peregrine Academic certification is not required. These modules can be purchased as a package at a greatly reduced rate. Purchase information can be found at; the registrations password is MSU-ALC. 

BADM 525 Strategic Marketing - 3 credits
Investigates marketing from a managerial perspective, including the critical analysis of functions of marketing, opportunity assessment, marketing planning and programming, marketing leadership and organization, and implementing, evaluating, controlling, and adjusting the marketing effort. Focuses on the creative process involved in applying the knowledge and concepts of marketing to the development of marketing strategy. Integrates marketing decisions, ethics, strategies, and plans with other functional business areas.

BADM 535 Management Principles and Practices - 3 credits
Introduces principles and practices of managing corporate and organizational resources. Describes how managers plan, organize, lead, motivate, and control human and other resources. Introduces classical, behavioral, ethical, and quantitative approaches to management. Explores management challenges and problems as presented by individuals and groups.

BADM 537 Human Resource Management - 3 credits
Studies the contribution of the human resource management function to the strategic effectiveness of an organization, including job analysis, employment law, staffing, retention, human resource development, performance management, compensation, and negotiations.

BADM 550 Statistical and Quantitative Applications - A Managerial Approach - 3 credits
Introduces the applications of statistical and quantitative techniques to business decision-making; covers the development of skills in interpreting techniques using analysis of variance, decision analysis, linear and multiple regression analysis and various quantitative techniques. Additionally, emphasizes modeling and forecasting issues and methodology. Explores software applications for research using industry standard statistical software packages.

BADM 555 International Management - 3 credits
Provides an intensive study of managerial concepts and methods pertaining to international business with a focus on the special demands made on managers of international operations, due to differences in management styles and systems. Exposes students to cultural, behavioral, ethical, and strategic imperatives in a global business environment.

BADM 565 Strategic Management - 3 credits
Challenges the student to conceptualize, analyze, and plan the application and administration of strategies both from the executive level and from the organizational entrepreneurial level. Integrates the teachings of a variety of fields and depends heavily on case analysis. Corequsite: FIN 545Prerequisite BADM 535 

BADM 595 Capstone Course - 3 credits
Individual or group research culminating in a formal paper and presentation. Example of research include a business plan, a case study, or an applied research project.  The research must be conducted for a third-party client. Taken the last semester.
Prerequisites: BADM 525, BADM 535, FIN 545.

BADM 598 Project - 1-3 credits
An extended individual research project culminating in a formal paper.

BADM 599 Thesis - 3 credits
Provides for individual research culminating in a thesis.

BIT 510 Managerial Communications - 3 credits
Focuses on the application of communication strategy to improve oral and written messages that are appropriate for today's global business environment. Includes three themes: communication improvement through reflection and application, contemporary communication practices and influences, and communication components of planning, conducting, and presenting research.

BIT 562 Management Information Systems - 3 credits
Integrates fundamental concepts of systems and information with those of organizational structure and management. Performs the analysis of information flow in organizations and the operating context of the various computer-based subsystems of an organizational information system.

FIN 545 Financial Management and Accounting - 3 credits
Provides advance study in corporate financial management and accounting to provide a conceptual framework for analyzing the major types of decisions made by financial executives. Focuses on the application of theory to topical areas, including the functional uses of accounting, financial analysis, financial planning and forecasting, budgeting, acquisition and management of capital, financial instruments and markets, capital structure, and corporate valuation.