Management Concepts Curriculum

All courses are delivered both online and on campus and are 8 weeks in length.

BADM 535, Management Principles and Practices 3 sh
Introduces principles and practices of managing corporate and organizational resources. Describes how managers plan, organize, lead, motivate, and control human and other resources. Introduces classical, behavioral, ethical, and quantitative approaches to management. Explores management challenges and problems as presented by individuals and groups.
  -   Semester/Session:  Fall Session 2 or Spring Session 1(online only)

BIT 562, Management Information Systems 3 sh
Integrates fundamental concepts of systems and information with those of organizational structure and management. Performs the analysis of information flow in organizations and the operating context of the various computer-based subsystems of an organizational information system.
  -   Semester/Session:  Fall Session 2

BADM 525, Strategic Marketing 3 sh
Investigates marketing from a managerial perspective, including the critical analysis of functions of marketing, opportunity assessment, marketing planning and programming, marketing leadership and organization, and implementing, evaluating, controlling, and adjusting the marketing effort. Focuses on the creative process involved in applying the knowledge and concepts of marketing to the development of marketing strategy. Integrates marketing decisions, ethics, strategies, and plans with other functional business areas.
  -  Semester/Session:  Spring Session 2