Knowledge Management Curriculum

All courses are 8 weeks in length.

BIT 560. Manage/Integrate IS Function - 3 Credits 
An integrative managerial perspective for aligning competitive strategy, core competencies, and information system function along with technology. Development and implementation of policies and strategies to achieve organizational goals. Defining the systems that support the operational, administrative, and strategic needs of the organization, its business units, individual employees, and external business relationships. Includes global and international issues such as privacy, security, workforce restrictions, and collaboration.
 -   Semester/Session: Fall Term 1

BIT 566 Knowledge Management - 3 Credits 
Study of theory and application of the management of organizational knowledge for creating business value and generating a competitive advantage. Focus on how to implement a knowledge management strategy and knowledge management system in an organization. Include infrastructure evaluation; KM system analysis, design, and development; and KM system deployment and assessment.
  -   Semester/Session: Fall Term 2

BIT 570 E-Business Strategy - 3 credits
Covers the fundamental technologies associated with consumer-to-business and business-to-business interaction and delivery of content via the Internet. Discusses contract between client- versus server-side approaches to database processing and XML, as well as execution of business rules and logic. Includes hands-on experience with the various technologies.
-   Semester/Session: Spring Term 1

BADM 535 Management Principles and Practices - 3 Credits 
Integrates fundamental concepts of systems and information with those or organizational structures and management. Performs the analysis of information flow in organizations and the operating context of the various computer-based subsystems of an organizational information system.
  -   Semester/Session: Spring Term 2