University Chairs Council

Council Members

College of Arts and Sciences

  • Erik Anderson - Division of Performing Arts
  • Bryan Schmidt - Division of Science
  • Paul Lepp - Department of Biology
  • Bill Harbort - Division of Art, Broadcasting, and Professional Communication (formerly Division of Humanities)
  • Scott Kast - Department of Mathematics & Computer Science
  • Robert Kibler - Division of Language and Cultural Studies (formerly Division of Humanities)
  • Gary Rabe - Department of Criminal Justice
  • Daniel Ringrose - Division of Social Science

College of Education and Health Sciences

  • Ann Beste-Guldborg - Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Terry Eckmann - Department of Teacher Education and Kinesiology
  • Paul Markel - Department of Addiction Studies, Psychology, and Social Work
  • Holly Pedersen - Department of Special Education
  • April Warren - Department of Nursing

College of Business

  • Lori Willoughby - Department of Business Administration
  • Jay Wahlund - Department of Accounting and Finance
  • Lori Willoughby - Department of Business Information Technology


  • Jane la Plante - Gordon B. Olson Library
  • Jessica Smestad - Honors Program
  • John Webster - Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS/BGS)
  • Erik Kana - Teacher Education Unit, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs 
  • Jacek Mrozik, Associate Vice President, Graduate School and Center for Extended Learning
  • Lisa Borden-King, Academic Assessment
  • Laurie Geller, Vice President, Academic Affairs - Chair

Academic Department/Division Contact List