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Health Club Credit

    The MSU Wellness Center is a participating club in the NDPERS and BlueCross/BlueShield of ND Health Club Credit Program. Wellness Center members who enroll in this program may be eligible to receive a $20-a-month credit (reimbursement) for membership fees. In order to receive the monthly reimbursement, members must work out at the Wellness Center at least 12 days out of the month.

    Upon enrolling, be prepared to provide the following:

    • Name, contact information, and date of birth (This must match your BCBSND information EXACTLY.)
    • University ID number
    • BCBS ND health plan information from current card.
    • Checking or savings account routing and account numbers. These numbers are generally found on the bottom of a check or deposit slip that is used by financial institutions to transfer funds and complete transactions.



    1. Enroll with Blue Cross/Blue Shield of North Dakota at the Healthy Blue Website

    • Go to the NDPERS Healthy Blue website:
    • Click on “NOT REGISTERED? SIGN UP NOW”, and follow the instructions to set up your account.
    • Click on “CLICK HERE TO BEGIN YOUR ANNUAL HEALTH ASSESSMENT”, and complete the Health Assessment.

    **The Health Assessment must be completed annually every January following your initial sign-up.

    2. Create your VANCO Account

    • Go to MSU Vanco Services to create your VANCO account.
    • Once you reach the VANCO Services link, click "ENROLL" to enter your personal and bank account information.
    • (The VANCO Services link is not part of MSU or BCBSND web sites. Credits are handled by VANCO Financial Services.) SAVE YOUR LOGIN and PASSWORD. You will need these if you need to edit your account.
      1. Enter your BCBSND ID#
      2. Enter your 9 digit ID number. This is simply your 7 digit MSU ID# (1234567) + 01 = 123456701
      3. Enter the checking or savings account routing and account numbers from the bottom of your check.

      3. Return a completed form to the Wellness Center Customer Service Desk

    • Notify us that you wish to participate in the Health Club Credit Program by returning this completed form to the Wellness Center Desk within 2 weeks of joining the Wellness Center.


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