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Wellness Center

Spiritual Wellness

Integrating your beliefs and values with your actions. Having a sense of purpose, direction, and awareness and realizing what values, rights, and responsibilities take some thought and discussion. The capacities for love, forgiveness, compassion, joy and peace are hallmarks of a spiritual wellness. To be spiritually well is to be in harmony with oneself and others.

Signs of Spiritual Wellness

  • Having dreams/goals for your life
  • Taking time for spiritual growth and exploration
  • Developing a philosophy of life
  • Caring about what happens to our fellow men and women
  • Taking time to think about the meaning of events in your life
  • Having a clear sense of right and wrong, and acting accordingly
  • Being comfortable with your level of involvement/non-involvement with a religious community
  • Feeling comfortable talking about spirituality
  • Being able to explain why you believe what you believe


Campus Minister: Anna Dykeman  
Office: 2nd Floor Wellness Center #2014

Campus Crusade for Christ

Lutheran Campus Ministries

Other Spiritual Resources in the Minot Area