Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual Wellness is one of the 8 Dimensions in Wellness that Minot State University seeks to include in the holistic experience of our students. Spiritual Wellness is about integrating your beliefs and values with your actions. Having a sense of purpose, direction, and awareness and realizing your values, rights, and responsibilities take some thought and discussion. The capacities for love, forgiveness, compassion, joy, and peace are hallmarks of a spiritual wellness. To be spiritually well is to be in harmony with oneself and others.

There are several ways to engage Spiritual Wellness at Minot State, from religious student clubs to philosophy of religion and other courses to yoga classes to meeting with the campus chaplain. The City of Minot has a vast spiritual and religious landscape as well. Students may leave campus to explore the variety of churches and spiritual communities outside of what is available at school.

Student clubs and organizations are an important part of the Minot State community. Spiritual Wellness clubs meet on different days and times for worship, service learning, study, fellowship, and fun. At the beginning of each semester, Minot State holds a club fair where many of the Spiritual Wellness clubs are present to share their information.

Minot State collaborates with Lutheran Campus Ministry to provide students with a campus chaplain. Pastor Rachel Simonson works with students of all walks of life as a confidential listening resource and as a guide in vocational discernment rooted in Spiritual Wellness. Her office is located on the second floor of the Wellness Center, stop on by. You may also email her at rachel.simonson@MinotStateU.edu or call 701-858-4170.

Spiritual Wellness Clubs
Minot State features several student-led clubs that center on Spiritual Wellness: