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Wellness Center

Social Wellness

Having meaningful relationships with family and being aware of, participating in, and feeling connected to community. Social wellness includes making contributions to society that make your life meaningful with a sense of purpose and commitment for those who follow you. Achieving social wellness by learning good communications skills, developing intimacy with others and creating a support network of friends and family who care about you is equally important.

Signs of Social Wellness

  • Being able to adjust and develop new friendships when you move to a new place
  • Not being afraid to go to places where you might not know anyone
  • Valuing diversity and treating others with respect
  • Valuing time alone
  • Perceiving that people enjoy being with you
  • Being aware of the social concerns in your community and being involved in solving community problems
  • Keeping yourself informed of local, national, and world news
  • Maintaining your values, beliefs and attitudes


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