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Department of Nursing

BSN Completion Program for the Registered Nurse

The Minot State University BSN Completion Program is for the registered nurse (RN) who wishes to pursue a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. A total of 122 credits are needed to complete the BSN degree. These credits must meet both Minot State University and the Department of Nursing requirements.

The BSN Completion Program is available in a flexible and convenient online format with one designated clinical course. Clinical experiences are generally arranged to be completed in your local area under the direction of qualified faculty.

Minot State University's BSN Completion Program is flexible and available as a part time or full time model. See the brochure link identifying a 2 semester program choice or a 4 semester program choice. The program remains flexible to accommodate student needs and recognizing additional life commitments. The goal is to facilitate successful completion in the program by identifying a plan of study for each RN that matches that person's needs.

The BSN Completion Program builds upon prior learning and experiences. Each course is designed to provide the RN with advanced knowledge in nursing concepts and principles. This new knowledge is directly related to the professional nurse's roles and responsibilities regarding individuals, families, groups, and the community.

Student Learning Outcomes for completing the MSU Nursing Major are:

  • Communicate effectively (written, verbal, technology)
  • Integrate knowledge for: safe, effective quality care environments; health promotion & maintenance; psychosocial integrity; and physiological integrity
  • Practice professional nursing in a variety of settings, responding to the needs of diverse individuals, families, groups and communities
  • Employ critical thinking/reasoning in problem solving and decision making
  • Incorporate research for evidence based nursing practice

BSN Degree Benefits
Current and future healthcare needs for the world's citizens requires evidence based professional nursing practice which is vital to advance quality, safe nursing care. The Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing prepares one for nursing practice opportunities in varied nursing roles, environments and complex, evolving clinical situations. There is an emphasis and continual need for well educated, highly competent, caring nurses to meet the ever growing demands of society and the world's healthcare needs for individuals, families, groups, and communities.

In the Institute of Medicine (IOM) report The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health (2013), a goal of increasing the percentage of BSN prepared nurses to 80% by 2020 is identified.  Along with this goal, the IOM also promotes nurses to practice to the full extent of their education.  The MSU BSN Completion program is designed to assist the AD RN to achieve this goal!

The mission of the Department of Nursing is to educate individuals for professional roles in nursing and for graduate education. The professional nurse assumes a variety of roles and responsibilities including, but not limited to: the provider of client centered care, coordinator of care across the continuum, educator, advanced practitioner, leader in transforming healthcare, researcher, leader in advancing safe, quality care, leader in nursing and healthcare, manager, evaluator, advocate, and/or counselor. Additional benefits of baccalaureate nursing education can be found at: and

Directions to complete admission application to Minot State University and application process for MSU BSN Completion Program:


Application for admission to Minot State University is a separate procedure from the application for admission to the BSN Completion Program. The BSN Completion Program application deadline is May 1st for Fall semester. The program application deadline is October 1st for Spring semester.

Please contact MSU Enrollment Services for an application to MSU. Minot State University application for admission can also be retrieved online on Minot State University homepage The MSU Undergraduate Catalog is available online. Applications to the BSN Completion Program will not be considered until admission to MSU is complete and all prior official transcripts have been received by MSU Enrollment Services. Applications to Minot State University's BSN Completion Program will be accepted and are considered for either fall or spring semester. Students are admitted fall or spring semester. The BSN Completion Program application can be found linked at the top of this page.

BSN Completion Program Application Requirements and Admission Criteria:

  1. First, apply to MSU which includes a $35.00 application fee. All prior OFFICIAL transcripts must be sent to MSU Enrollment Services, 500 University Ave W, Minot, ND 58707. If you are a returning student, you will need to apply to MSU for readmission to activate your MSU status.
    ONCE accepted to MSU:
  2. Apply to the BSN Completion Program. This includes:
    1. complete the Application for Admission to the BSN Completion Program form,
    2. submit BSN Completion Program application fee of $25.00, payable to Minot State University,
    3. submit copy of current/active, unencumbered U.S. Nursing License,
    4. submit copy of current American Heart Association CPR Basic Life Support "C" (BLSC) certification (may say "Healthcare Provider" on card),
    5. complete background check form & include a check/money order made out to ND Attorney General for $40.00, and completed fingerprint card(s). This is required by MSU and the Nursing Program.
    6. identify (on the application form) the public health agency/contact information and state where you wish to complete a portion of the PH clinical,
    7. complete the MSU Immunization form (you may sign the "Exemption Section" as you will be an online student). Mail or fax this form to MSU Student Health Center. This is required by MSU and Nursing,
    8. provide documentation/proof of personal health insurance.
      Mail all BSN Completion Program application materials to Mary Smith RN, MS, Advanced Standing Director, Department of Nursing, MSU, 500 University Ave W. Minot, ND 58707.
      ACADEMIC ADVISEMENT: Once accepted to Minot State University, RN students will be advised by the BSN Completion Program Advanced Standing Director in the Department of Nursing. The MSU Registrar's Office OFFICIALLY analyzes all transcripts. A review of prior course work will be conducted by the Advanced Standing Director in the Department of Nursing, after which an individualized Plan of Study will be developed. The requirements for graduation from MSU and the nursing program will be addressed in the plan of study. RN Students who meet admission criteria will be admitted to the program in either the Fall or Spring semester.
  3. Students who have graduated from a board approved nursing education program and have passed the NCLEX-RN exam must submit a copy of current/active, unencumbered U.S. RN license with the BSN Completion Program application.
  4. Students who have graduated from a board approved nursing education program and have not yet passed the NCLEX-RN exam (new graduate), may complete the BSN Completion Program application form (along with required documents noted in #2 above). The student may be admitted on "Conditional Status" their first semester in the program and may take the following courses:
    • General Education courses
    • Required support course: statistics (PSY 241or MATH 240)
    • Nursing 363 Nursing Theory & Research
    • Nursing 383 Professional Nursing I
    • Special Topics course approved by the Nursing Department
      Proof of unencumbered current/active U.S. RN license is required as soon as achieved AND before allowed to progress in the program and before any additional BSN Completion Program courses can be taken ( N 483, N 457 and N 493).
  5. Cumulative GPA 2.75 or above on a 4.0 scale.

If a BSN Completion student receives two failures within the required 23 semester hours for the BSN Completion Program, that student will be ineligible to progress in the program. This would include two failures for the same course or a failure in two different courses.

If a RN student fails a nursing course (N 363, N 383, N 483, N 457, N 493) he/she must retake that course successfully before can move on the next course(s) identified in the plan of study.

Students admitted to the BSN Completion Program who do not enroll in classes for two consecutive semesters ( F & Sp or Sp & F) will have an advisor HOLD placed on their account in Campus Connection. The student must then re-apply for admission into the BSN Completion Program.

International Students in F -1 Status
International students in F-1 status are not eligible for the online BSN Completion Program. Courses in this program are solely offered online which is not compatible with federal F- 1 visa regulations. Undergraduate students in F- 1 status must be registered full-time in the fall and spring, including at least 9 face-to-face credits on campus each semester.

MSU email:
Minot State University email MUST be set up once admitted to MSU. All official communications related to the BSN Completion Program/course information/advising will be completed through your MSU email address.

MSU officially communicates vital University information through only your MSU email account.  If you do not set up your MSU email, you will not receive this critical MSU information.

Important Information
Nursing 457 Public Health for the Professional Nurse 5SH clinical course

(90 required clinical hours with a portion of these hours at a public health agency)

N 457 demonstrates population-focused community oriented nursing through the synthesis of nursing theory and public health theory applied to promoting, preserving and maintaining the health of populations and grounded in social justice. PH experiences occur in a variety of community settings and modalities.

As you apply to the program, please identify a potential Public Health Agency and contact information as a portion of the clinical hours may be included in the overall clinical hours.

*The program makes all attempts to arrange this portion of the clinical hours in your local area.  If this is not achievable, you may be asked to complete this portion of hours in Minot. Arrangements are dependent upon:  State Board of Nursing criteria, Minot State University Authorization within (identified) state, the PH agency agreeing to provide the clinical and the successful completion of an Educational Agreement.

*If the PH agency requires proof of immunization documentation, you must be able to provide this infromation or you will not be able to complete the clinical at that agency.

Professional attire
When in the Public Health clinical environment, please present a professional appearance at all times.  Check with the agencies dress code. You will be provided a MSU Nursing mane tag to wear ONLY for the N457 clinical. This includes: covered midriff and chest cleavage, no halter or tube tops, spaghetti strapped tank tops, baseball caps, flip-flops, shorts, jeans. Wear shoes/socks. Comply with agency tattoo and piercing policies.

You will not be allowed to complete clinical if dressed inappropriately. Your appearance reflects you and your behaviors AND reflects upon the BSN Completion program at Minot State University.

HOW to Find a Public Health Agency for N 457
FAQs regarding finding a public health agency

Once you are admitted to the BSN Completion Program and it has been established that you will be able to seek out a public health agency for clinical experience (in identified state) - as per public health agency information included on BSN Completion Program application form, you will be required to communicate with course faculty to identify the name and contact information of PH agency where you wish to complete the PH clinical hours. THE PH FACULTY WILL MAKE THE INITIAL CONTACT WITH PH AGENCY FOR APPROVAL. Mary Smith will initiate the clinical contract (as needed). Delay in this process may impact progress in the program & completion of the N 457 clinical.


What kind of agency am I looking for?
A local/community official public health agency (NOT: hospital, LTC, primary care clinics, assisted living centers)

Who do I talk to for potential PH clinical opportunity?
Ask the PH agency for the contact information for either the director of nursing or public health agency administrator and submit this to PH faculty, for OFFICIAL agency contact and arrangements. Please obtain the following information: agency name & address , agency contact person name & title, address, phone number, email. NOTE: The OFFICIAL contact with the agency and request for clinical placement will be made by the PH faculty and a contract MUST be in place before you can begin clinical experience.

What do I say and what do I ask them?
When you are obtaining the PH agency contact information you MAY be asked questions r/t the clinical request. You can inform that agency that you are currently a RN (in that area/state) and a BSN Completion Program student at Minot State University. You are seeking clinical placement for 24 hours of public health nursing clinical. You would work with a public health RN clinical facilitator at the identified PH agency to learn the roles and responsibilities of a public health RN. Identify the potential semester you would be completing the clinical hours. Also, identify that the PH faculty will be making the official contact with them- you are seeking contact information at this time.

What public health clinical activities would I expect to participate in?
Clinical activities will vary. Experiences could include: immunizations, school nursing, home visits, adult health, child health, women's health, emergency preparedness, environmental health, WIC, other typical public health roles/responsibilities.

What else should I know about the experience?
Be flexible in scheduling the 24 hours. The clinical days may be consecutive or spread out throughout the semester. Be sure the schedule you set up is workable for you and approved by the public health agency contact and/or RN clinical facilitator.

What if the agency wishes to talk with the N 457 clinical course Public Health Faculty?
Please provide the agency with the PH faculty's contact information or the Advanced Standing Director contact information (see at end of information or link to Advanced Standing Director at the beginning of this information). The course will provide you with the faculty contact information or you can request this information from the Advanced Standing Director.

What is the clinical evaluation process as it relates to my performance at the agency?
The clinical evaluation form (in N 457 course module) will be emailed to the public health agency by the course faculty. They will be asked to complete the form following your clinical experience and email it back to your instructor. This is worth 25 points.

Reminder - N 457

  1. ALL RN applicants must complete on the BSN Completion Program application form, the identification of an official public health agency in their chosen community and state that he/she wishes to complete the PH clinical (24 hours). Please provide contact information. The PH faculty will make the OFFICIAL request for the PH clinical experience
  2. If the RN student is from out of state, see the link: Minot State University "State Authorization" (found at the beginning of the BSN Completion Program information) to identify whether MSU is authorized to offer the program in that state, or if there are clinical restrictions.
  3. If RN student is from out of state and MSU is authorized to offer the BSN Completion Program in that state, the out-of -state Board of Nursing will be contacted by MSU Advanced Standing Director to identify whether or not the PH clinical is approved. If that state Board of Nursing does not allow the clinical, the RN student will be required to make arrangements to complete the clinical hours in Minot, North Dakota.
  4. If RN student is a licensed RN resident of North Dakota, clinical placements in the state of North Dakota are approved.
  5. Once admitted:
    1. the RN student will communicate with PH faculty and identify the specific PH agency (with contact information) requested
    2. the Advanced Standing Director or PH faculty will initiate any agency contract needed - which must be in place before the PH clinical hours can be started
    3. the N 457 PH Faculty will make OFFICIAL initial contact with PH agency, identify appropriate placement and make necessary arrangements.
    Delay in this process may impact progress in the program, and completion of the N 457 course.

Clinical Agency Contracts:
All efforts will be made to facilitate contract negotiations for the clinical experiences at the chosen agency (24 hours) in the RN student's local area. Clinical agency contracts (between the public health agency and Minot State University) may take several months and must be secured before starting the clinical hours at PH agency in N 457. Delay in this process may impact progress in the program. Students will NOT be allowed to start the 24 clinical hours at PH agency the N 457 course UNTIL a clinical agency is identified and a contract with MSU is in place.

In the event the identified state and/or chosen public health agency is unavailable/not obtained (for example: No State Authorization, State Board of Nursing limitations, unable to secure a contract), the RN student will make arrangements (at own expense) to complete the clinical hours in Minot, ND at the local public health agency during pre-identified dates. Campus housing at Minot State University may be available but not guaranteed. Fees for housing are the responsibility of the student.

Minot State University Graduation Requirements 
The MSU Registrar's Office reviews student transcripts for graduation requirements. All MSU and nursing requirements must be met prior to graduation. A minimum grade point average of 2.0 is required for all baccalaureate degree candidates. Students must have completed:

  • 122 credits
  • 60 credits from a 4 year institution
  • 30 credits from Minot State University

Minot State General Education Courses (38 credits)
General Education courses taken in North Dakota and recognized by the North Dakota University System & the General Education Requirement Transfer Agreement (GERTA) are accepted at MSU. Credits earned at out of state institutions will be evaluated by the Registrar's Office. The MSU General Education Model incorporates learning across disciplines and learning throughout an entire college career. General education courses are taken both inside and outside of a student's major. Essential skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, and communication can be addressed from a variety of perspectives.

MSU General Education model includes: Required Core and Foundational Content, and Developmental Content, which requires taking classes beyond a student's major. Refer to entire MSU General Education Model and requirements at: Also, refer to the link "Program of Study Template" at beginning of BSN Completion Program information.

Required Support Course (Nursing)
Statistics course (PSY 241 or MATH 210)
This course must be taken before or during the same semester as NURS 363 Nursing Theory & Research course.

NCLEX Examination Credit
A course fee of $200.00 is attached to each of the five nursing courses identified with a single asterisk in the chart below, for a total of $1000.00. This fee is to cover the NCLEX Examination Credit. Forty (40) Credits will be posted on the official transcript during the semester of graduation. The NCLEX Examination Credit is designed to help you meet the required minimum of 60 credits at a 4 year institution.

BSN Completion Program COURSES (23 credits/SH:
17 Nursing credits, 6 credits Special Topics HMS course)

*NURS 363 Theory & Research
Statistics MUST be taken before or during the same semester as N 363, Must pass both with C or above
*NURS 383 Professional Nursing I
1st 8 weeks of semester, Must pass with C or above
*NURS 483 Professional Nursing I
2nd 8 weeks of semester, Pre-requisite NURS 383, Must pass with C or above, RN license required in order to take N 483
*NURS 457 Public Health for the Professional Nurse I (Theory) **  ***
Must have passed N 363, N 383 and N 483 and statistics with a C or above, Pre-requisite N 363, N 383, N 483, statistics
*NURS 493 Professional Nursing III (Capstone)
Must have passed N 363, N383, N 483 and statistics with a C or above, Pre-requisite N 363, N 383, N 483 and statistics
Special Topics courses (CHOOSE TWO):
      ***HMS 333 Transcultural Healthcare
      HMS 460 Quality & Risk
      HMS 463 Issues in Healthcare Regulation & Professional Practices
Must pass all required BSN Completion Program courses and statistics with a C or above.
* Course fee of $200.00 for each of the five nursing courses.
** Clinical hours arranged in Minot, ND if unable to identify local PH agency & not obtain a completed educational agreement (contract).
*** Meets MSU General Education Developmental Content IP1 requirement for graduation.
  • Program Course Information:
    • Must take a minimum of 30 SH/credits at MSU for graduation
    • NURS 383 must be successfully completed before NURS 483
    • NURS 363, NURS 383, NURS 483 must be completed before taking NURS 457 and NURS 493
    • General Education courses, HMS 333 and statistics are offered Fall, Spring and Summer semesters
    • Courses offered Fall and Spring semesters:
      • NURS 363, NURS 383, NURS 483, NURS 457, NURS 493
    • HMS 460 offered Fall semester, HMS 463 offered Spring semester

Immunization Policy
The MSU Department of Nursing requires students to provide proof of immunizations. Complete the immunization document found at and send it to: Student Health Center, Minot State University, 500 University Ave. W., Minot ND 58707 or fax to 701-858-3371. You may sign the "Exemption" portion as you will be an online student.

NOTE: If you signed the "Exemption" section of the MSU Immunization form, you will still be required to be able to provide proof of immunizations in the N 457 Public Health clinical course. Be sure to have your immunization records current and available.

Criminal Background Check Policy
The Department of Nursing and MSU policy requires students to submit a criminal background check along with BSN Completion Program application. Additionally, some states or agencies require drug testing and/or fingerprints on students before they participate in clinical experiences. If the result of the background check renders the student ineligible to complete the clinical nursing course, the student may be subject to dismissal from the BSN Completion Program. Students are responsible for any associated costs.

Transfer Credits
The MSU Registrar's Office evaluates and records transfer credits from regionally accredited degree granting institutions and they are generally honored by the University. Registered nurses who are associate degree or diploma school graduates should contact the Department of Nursing Advanced Standing Director for guidance. Course syllabi may be required for evaluation of transfer credit.

MSU tuition and fees * $273.67 per credit/SH
RN to BSN online program application fee $25.00
MSU Nursing Major Program Fee $25.00 per credit
Books $600.00 approx. per semester
Nursing course fee (N 363, N 383, N 483, N 457, N 493) $200.00 for each course
Name Pin/Lab Coat/Other $50.00 (estimate)
Travel Varies (N 457 course)

* Academic year 2016-17 rates.  Please check with MSU Business Office regarding academic year 2017-18 rates.

All tuition and fees are subject to change. To inquire about financial aid, contact Financial Aid Office at 701-858-3838 or 1-800-777-0750 ext. 3838.

The Minot State University Department of Nursing Program has full approval of the North Dakota Board of Nursing. In addition, the nursing program is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, Inc. Minot State University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Sample Nursing Sequence
Full Time Student Example (See Printable Brochure "BSN Completion Program for the Registered Nurse" detailed information)

Fall #1Spring #1Summer #1Fall #2
N 363
N 383
N 483
MATH 210 (if still needed)
HMS 333 (Special Topics Choice)
N 457
HMS 463 (Special Topics Choice)
HMS 333 (Special Topics Choice)
General Education
HMS 333 (Special Topics Choice)
N 493
HMS 460 (Special Topics Choice)
HMS 333 (Special Topics Choice)
General Education

Equal Opportunity
Minot State University subscribes to the principles and laws of the state of North Dakota and the federal government pertaining to civil rights and equal opportunity, including Title IX of the 1972 Education Amendments. Minot State University policy prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, gender, religion, age, color, creed, national or ethnic origin, marital status, or disability in the recruitment and admission of students and the employment of faculty, staff, and students, and in the operation of all college programs, activities, and services. Evidence of practices which are inconsistent with this policy should be reported to the Human Resource Director in the Administration Building.

For More Information, Please Contact:
Mary Smith RN, MS
Assistant Professor, Advanced Standing Director, BSN Completion Program
Department of Nursing, Minot State University
500 University Ave W
Minot, North Dakota 58707
Department Phone: 701-858-3101 or 1-800-777-0750 ext. 3101
Office Phone: 701-858-3251 Fax: 701-858-4309
Email: or

The Department of Nursing reserves the right to alter content and courses to maintain relevance with professional nursing practice.