Mindfulness 2.0 - Mindful Meditation

Minot State University nursing students implemented a project called Awakening the Mind 2.0. This project was put forth in an effort to provide a useful tool to reduce stress and decrease test anxiety in nursing students at Minot State. Awakening the Mind 2.0 is a series of mindful meditation recording is roughly around 8 minutes that can be utilized in a variety of settings for a multitude of purposes. Following the project, it was determined that the mindful meditations were useful for students, and it was deemed that the recordings should be available to all faculty and students of Minot State. Below is the recordings, we hope you all enjoy.

Mindful Meditation 1 - Download MP3

Mindful Meditation 2 - Download MP3

Mindful Meditation 3 - Download MP3


Files recorded by Heidi Demars and used with permission.