Standard Admission


Application Requirements for Admission into the Nursing Major
Admission to the nursing major (NURS 255 and higher numbers) requires that a student has demonstrated scholarly ability to pursue a professional career in nursing.

  • Application Deadline for Spring admission is September 15th. 
  • Application Deadline for Fall admission is February 1st.
  • Application Fee: $25.00

Prior to applying to the nursing major, a student must have met the following criteria:

1. Completed Minot State University admission requirements. This needs to be done before making application to the nursing major. Official transcripts from previously attended colleges and/or universities must be sent to the Admissions Office and transcribed.

2. The nursing program application and required fee must be completed and paid. 

3. Completed all science courses within 10 years prior to admission to the nursing major. Students with a previous bachelors degree in a professional clinical health care role (ex: radiology, medical technologist) who have documented clinical practice within the last 10 years may have the 10 year science policy waived. If the student accepts the waiver, their transcribed grade for science courses will be used for application.

4. Achieved a GPA of 2.8 in required support courses.

5. Achieved a minimum grade of "C" in each required support course.

6. Completed or enrolled in a minimum of 47 SH (Semester Hours) plus UNIV/FYE if required.

7. Completed a minimum of eight required support courses of which two are sciences (Biol 202, Biol 220, Biol 221, Chem 118).

8. Completed or enrolled in all required support courses for the nursing major.

Required support courses
Required Support Courses 40 SH
BIOL 202 Introductory Microbiology 4
BIOL 220 Anatomy & Physiology I 4
BIOL 221 Anatomy & Physiology II 4
CHEM 118 Introductory Chemistry 4
SOC 110 Intro to Sociology 3
PSY 111 Intro to Psychology 3
ENG 110 or 120 College Composition I or II 3
HMS 213 Life Span Growth & Development 3
NURS 253 Nursing Perspectives 3
COMM 110 Fund of Public Speaking 3
HMS 240 Nutrition 3
Cultural Course (HMS 333, SS 283, Soc 374)
Cultural courses must address a variety of cultures.

9. If English is not your native language, an English proficiency test may be required. Please follow the TOEFL decision tree in the Nursing Student Handbook to determine the requirements for admission.

10. All applicants must take the current TEAS - Test of Essential Academic Skills and achieve a "proficient" level score to be eligible for admission. The TEAS test can be taken no more than two times for each application period.

11. Contact information for two references must be included on the application form.

12. Connecting with your advisor is required before submitting an admission application. It is expected that you communicate through email, phone, or in person with your advisor during the application process.

13. Students without a nursing license, but having transferable nursing major credits comparable to NURS 255 and higher numbered coursework: A letter of recommendation which documents the student leaving the program in good standing must be received from the prior nursing program administrator.

14. A student who has been accepted into the program two times, but has not been successful; or has withdrawn from nursing; or has been dismissed from the program; or has not met Admission and Progression requirements; or otherwise has not been successful will not be eligible for readmission.

The stated admission requirements are the minimum qualifications. Fulfilling these requirements does not guarantee admission when the number of applicants exceeds available clinical space. The Department of Nursing complies with the MSU policy that prohibits discrimination in the recruitment and admission of students.

  • Fulfilling the stated admission requirements does not guarantee admission into the nursing program.
  • Established assessment benchmarks must be met by students for progression and graduation.
  • Successful completion of the nursing program does not guarantee professional licensure.
  • The number of admissions can be altered based on available resources.
  • Criminal background check is required of all students admitted into the MSU nursing program. CPR, health protection requirements (immunizations), and alcohol and drug testing is required upon acceptance and before class participation can begin.

Nursing Department Selection Policy and Procedure


  • Spring semester positions will be filled by Nov. 15th and the following Fall semester positions will be filled by March 15th. The positions will be filled from eligible applicants based upon the following "Procedure." These selected students will be deemed "admitted" pending satisfactory review of transcripts.


1. Positions will be filled through guaranteed admission and/or ranking.

2. Ranking will be accomplished through a point system: (Total possible 27)

  • Required support courses GPA will be calculated as 5 x the GPA of completed support courses at the time of application for a maximum of 20 points.
  • TEAS - points will be given for the following scores: Proficient (1) Advanced (3) Exemplary (5)
  • Eligible applicants will be ranked using the GPA from the completed required support courses and results of the TEAS.
  • MSU credits 12-24 cr (1) 25 or more (2)

3. Tie Breaker: Cumulative GPA will be used to break a tie.

4. Selection: The qualified applicants are selected for admission assignment in the following semester. Remaining qualified applicants will remain ranked as "alternates" for that semester.

  • Upon the disqualification or withdrawal of a selected student, the open positions will be offered to the highest ranked student from the list of alternates.

5. Continuing Requirements for Admission after Selection: The admission status is subject to a review of the transcript after posting of grades for the semester during which application was made. A satisfactory review includes:

  • Completion of all required support courses, with a minimum grade of "C." Achieve an overall GPA of 2.8 in the Required Support Courses. An "I" in a course will be judged as an incomplete if the faculty member for the course or courses does not provide written documentation that all requirements have been satisfactorily completed at a minimum grade of "C" by the first day of classes of the semester of admission; therefore, an "I" without the above required written documentation means a student would be ineligible for admission.
  • Completion of 47 semester hours.

6. Criminal Background Check, CPR, Health Protection Requirements and alcohol/drug tests are required upon acceptance.

7. A student not meeting required criteria may reapply during the next application period.