Bystander Intervention

Step UP! Bystander Intervention

At Minot State University, Step UP! (Be a leader, make a difference) Bystander Intervention educates students to be a positive, active bystander and intervene when necessary to change the outcome of a potentially harmful situation. Research on the causes of sexual violence and evaluation of prevention efforts indicates that bystanders (also referred to as witnesses, defenders, or upstanders) are a key piece of prevention work by utilizing the following decision making steps:

  1. Notice the event
  2. Identify it as one where intervention is needed
  3. Take responsibility for the intervention
  4. Decide how to help
  5. Act to intervene

It is important to remember that:

  • Sexual violence is a community issue.
  • There are many ways that we can intervene in situations.
  • Not doing anything is NOT an option.
  • We need to talk about and practice being positive, active bystanders.