Undergraduate Majors and Programs

Thank you for your interest in our majors. At Minot State, our exemplary programs will prepare you for your career.

Our special education program provides future teachers with a robust training program that reflects the latest trends in the field and individualized student support for a career experiencing the fastest growth in education. We offer a Bachelor of Science in Education with a major in Special Education and a minor and concentration in special education. Our deaf and hard of hearing minor provides you with foundational knowledge and methods skills to teach students with hearing loss in school settings.

Minot State has a 30-year history of preparing human service professionals to specifically support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities on the job and in the community. Our online degrees in human services with a major in intellectual/developmental disabilities will train you for your career. 

The Department of Special Education, in partnership with NDCPD, offers a full career ladder model for individuals advancing in an IDD career. Starting with a certificate, the ladder moves up to an academic concentration, two-year associate degree, bachelor’s degree, and a newly minted master’s degree.   

If you are interested in the unique culture and language of the American Deaf Community, a concentration in deaf studies is a perfect option to add to your transcript.