Minutes of MiSU Faculty Senate

September 4, 2003


Members present:, Larry Atwood, Chris Beachy, Lisa Borden-King, Casey Coleman, Rita Curl, Alexandra Deufel, Patti Fedje, Nancy Hall, Christopher Keller, Karland Kilian, Paul Markel, Cheryl Nilsen, Linda Olson, Susan Podrygula, Beth Pross, Ron Royer, Mohammad Saeed, Clarine Sandstrom.

Members absent: Christian Fantoni, Leisa Harmon, Joan Houston, Robert Kibler, Clark Markell, David McCormack, Ernst Pijning, Gary Rabe, Michelle Sauer, H. Erik Shaar (student), (student)

Guests present: Stephen Hayton, Wendy Gilchrist, Draza Markovic (proxy for Clark Markell), Joseph Jastrzembski (proxy for Ernst Pijning).


President Paul Markel called the meeting to order at 4:05 p.m.


President Markel gave some introductory remarks. A letter will be sent to the chair of each senate committee to remind them of the charges and duties of the committee and to ask that the chair submit a written report to the senate at the end of the academic year describing the activities of the committee.  Pres. Markel requests that the senate members take time to examine and reflect on the items presented by various committees.  We will make good use of time at our meetings but will not go beyond 5:30 PM.  Additional meetings may be set if the agenda does not get covered by that time.


Chris Keller moved and Rita Curl seconded to approve the proxy representatives for today’s meeting.  The motion carried.


The agenda (attached) was presented and amended to add, as New Business item 5i, a report by the Presidential Search Committee.


Dr. Hall provided the following information in her administrative report:

Drafts of new state board policies are available for faculty to examine. The first, Academic Affairs 403.8, concerns major and minor equivalencies.  This policy was drafted due to the federal No Child Left Behind legislation.  The second, Personnel 611.9, concerns textbook selection with regard to intellectual property and disclosure.


A biomedical research collaborative is being formed with UND and NDSU in an effort to gain funding for research to be done on our campus.


Visitors from Singapore will be coming to campus in the near future.  They are interested in sending students to MSU for completion of degrees primarily in education, health sciences, and the arts (relevant educational programs that develop the body, mind, and spirit.)  The visitors will also meet with officials from the Minot Public Schools.


Updates on the MSU Presidential search and the chancellor search were presented.  Concerning the presidential search, in mid-September a Search Consultant will be selected.  The search committee will meet in late September to approve a position announcement.  It plans to review applications in January and recommend three names to the SBHE by mid-March. The presidential search committee make up policy was changed resulting in fewer faculty members and students serving on the committee.  Dr. Hall noted that the committee can solicit input from faculty and students and anticipates that both groups will be asked to submit information to be included in the position description and announcement.  Chancellor Larry Isaac’s last day will be in late October.  An interim chancellor will be named in mid-October.  A search committee is being formed with Dr. Richard Kunkel, SBHE Chair, as chair of the committee.


An organizational change has been made with Accounting becoming Accounting and Finance.


New Business:

Election of Parliamentarian Candidate: Karland Kilian moved and Ron Royer seconded to approve Casey Coleman as Parliamentarian. The motion was passed by consensus.


Dr. Coleman presented senators with a handout on Robert’s Rules of Order and went over some of the procedures senators should use concerning motions.  Motions should be submitted in writing for clarity to Pres. Markel. Then amendments, if offered, can be put in place more easily.  Adjournment can happen in three different ways.  One way is by setting a time of adjournment.  At that time adjournment occurs with the next meeting a continuation of the adjourned meeting, starting at the same point in the agenda as at the time of adjournment.


Dr. Chris Keller presented his report on the Council of College Faculty (CCF).  Sept. 25-26 meeting.  There is an opportunity there to ask the board for more faculty involvement and participation (more members) in the presidential search committee.


A motion was made by Chris Beachy, seconded by Rita Curl, that the Faculty Senate at Minot State University adopt the following resolution: The Faculty Senate of Minot State University encourages the State Board of Higher Education to include a minimum of three Minot State University faculty members on the MiSU Presidential Search Committee, e.g., one member from each of the colleges Arts and Sciences, Business, and Education and Health Sciences.  Patti Fedje moved to call the question and Ron Royer seconded the motion.  The motion carried.


Wendy Gilchrist from the Student Health Center talked to the senate about the student health survey that will be given this fall.  The focus of the survey is to determine the student health issues that might need to be addressed on campus by the Health Center.  The center wishes to have faculty assist them in giving the survey by allowing their staff to administer the survey during class time.  It may take anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes from start of distribution to collection of completed forms.  The survey will provide comparisons of our campus to the rest of the nation.  The question was raised as to whether the survey could be done on line.  Concern was shown that response rates would be low.

Lisa Borden-King moved that Faculty Senate give their approval for implementation of Wendy Gilchrist’s student health survey and promote the survey among members of their academic units.  Patti Fedje seconded the motion. Chris Keller gave a friendly amendment to the motion to include use of class time to administer the survey.  The motion carried by general consent.


A list of possible senate goals for 2003-2004 was presented to all senators.  Discussion was held on these items and any other items that might become goals and senators were asked to consider each so that prioritization and selection of goals for adoptions can be done at our next meeting. Lack of representation of adjunct faculty was discussed as an important issue.  It was suggested that the list of issues be sent out via e-mail through Kim Thompson’s office so that all groups of faculty are informed and have an opportunity to provide input.  These should be looked at in conjunction with the results of the 2002-2003 Faculty Survey.


The Executive Board Report on Faculty Senate Committees was distributed.


Results of the 2002-2003 Faculty Survey were presented in written form.  We need to decide what we wish to do with these results.  For example, should they be archived?  If so, where and for how long?  It was noted that last year it was decided that a database be made with the numeric data from the previous faculty survey.  This data should be placed in the same database so that trends and atypical data can be identified.


It was noted that the draft of Promotion and Tenure Guidelines has been distributed to faculty and will be acted on by senate this year.


Revisions need to be made on the Academic Affairs calendar for 2004-2005 that is in the faculty handbook to make it more workable.


Steve Hayton talked about the curriculum committee’s work this coming year as it is a catalog year.  He will be facilitating the process of getting curriculum decisions made in an expeditious manner.  One aspect of the process that needs work is in determining the best time for those who are presenting curriculum matters to senate to be at the senate meeting where it will be heard.  A set order of business can facilitate this or setting a particular time of day for them to present their material would facilitate it.  We will set a time for each presentation.


President Markel adjourned the meeting at 5:50 p.m.



Respectfully submitted,



Cheryl Nilsen, secretary


Agenda for Faculty Senate Meeting

September 4, 2003


1.         Introductory remarks – Dr. Paul Markel

2.         Announcements

3.         Review the Agenda

4.         Administrative Report – Dr. Nancy Hall

5.         New Business

a.       Election of Parliamentarian Candidate

b.      CCF report – Dr. Chris Keller

c.       Student Health Survey

d.      General discussion of goals for 2003-2004

e.       Distribute Executive Board Report on Faculty Senate Committees

f.        Faculty Survey 2002-2003

g.       General discussion of draft on Promotion and Tenure Guidelines

h.       Revision of Academic Affairs calendar for 2004-2005



Minot State University Faculty Senate 2002-2003

Full Senate Meeting May 1, 2003

3:30 p.m. Westlie Room



Faculty Senate President - Dr. Christopher Keller

Faculty Senate Vice President - Dr. Paul Markel

Faculty Senate Secretary - Dr. David McCormack

Faculty Senate Parliamentarian - Dr. Bethany Andreasen 



At-large: David McCormack (03), Rick Seklecki (03), Tom Seymour (03), Elizabeth Steere (03), Leisa Harmon (04), Susan Podrygula (04), Michelle Sauer (04), Larry Atwood (05), Cheryl Nilsen (05)

Arts and Sciences: Rick Barkosky (03), Ron Fischer (03), Ernst Pijning (03), Chris Keller (04), Clark Markell (04), Ron Royer (04), Christian Fantoni (05), Linda Olson (05), Gary Rabe (05)

Business: Patti Fedje (04), Mohammad Saeed (05)

Education and Health Sciences: Linda Haider (03), Marie Mohler (03), Ken Staub (03), Lisa Borden King (04), Paul Markel (05)

Students: Chad Johnson, Gabe Rauschenberger



  1. Approval of the minutes
  2. Announcements
  3. Review the Agenda
  4. Administrative report
  5. Old Business

      a. Curriculum Committee recommendations


  1. New Business

            a. Report of the ad hoc Committee of Tenure and Promotion - Stewart Kelly

            b. Standing Faculty Senate Committee reports

            c. Executive Board Report on Faculty Senate Committees

            d. Election of Faculty Senate officers