Minutes of Minot State University Faculty Senate

February 20, 2003


Members present: Bethany Andreasen, Richard Barkosky, Lisa Borden-King, Christian Fantoni, Patti Fedje, Ron Fischer, Linda Haider, Leisa Harmon, Christopher Keller, Paul Markel, Clark Markell, David McCormack, Marie Mohler, Cheryl Nilsen, Linda Olson, Ernst Pijning, Susan Podrygula, Gary Rabe, Ron Royer, Richard Seklecki, Elizabeth Steere, Gabe Rauschenberger (student)

Members absent: Larry Atwood, Nancy Hall, M. Saeed, Michelle Sauer, Tom Seymour, H. Erik Shaar, Kenneth Staub, Chad Johnson (student)

Guests present: Stephen Hayton, Harry Hoffman, Stephanie Witwer, Maila Zitelli


President Keller called the meeting to order at 3:33 p.m.


The minutes were accepted as presented.


President Keller announced:

       The Continuing Education Committee will meet next week to begin developing a procedure for review and re-appointment of their adjunct faculty.

       The Executive Board will hold a special meeting next week to begin its review of the entire Faculty Senate committee structure, including committee duties and channels of communication.


The agenda (attached) was reviewed.


Neither Dr. Hall nor Dr. Schaar were able to attend the meeting, so President Keller summarized the administrative reports they had made the previous week to the Executive Board.


Dr. Hall had reported:

       Lisa Johnson is implementing the entire course structure of the North Dakota University System into the new Connect North Dakota software. Lisa will inform the Curriculum Committee of the workings of this system. Minot State will implement the curriculum aspect of Connect North Dakota in 2004.

       Multiple grants are being requested by Minot State. Among them is the NDCPD request which collaborates with four institutions to help students through several courses which tend to be barriers to success in certain programs.

       MSU is pursuing a collaborative agreement with Toko University in Taiwan. Drs. Shaar, Hall, and Hewlett will be visiting Toko to observe their resources and hopefully work out many initial details.

       The Criminal Justice and Education Departments are each conducting an internal search for a chair.

       The Marketing Committee is considering the production of a CD to promote MSU.


Dr. Erik Shaar had provided a legislative update.

       Four system presidents were called to testify concerning some discovered "unrestricted assets." They had to explain to legislators that these accounts were actually encumbered for a variety of purposes. This exemplifies the kinds of fires which continually arise in a legislative year.

       Crossover date is in 2 weeks. After this date, the real issues begin to be clarified. The session is expected to require the maximum 80 days.


There was no old business.


Christian Fantoni excused himself from the meeting during discussion of the report of the Faculty Review Committee concerning the grievance filed by Maila Zitelli against Conrad Davidson. The Parliamentarian ruled that the Bylaws are unclear about whether such discussion is appropriate. Lacking a motion against proceeding, President Keller allowed Zitelli to read a letter arguing that since the Committee had found that none of the grievances were justified and therefore no violations of policy, procedure, or practice had occurred, the committee had no authority to make recommendations of any kind. She therefore requested that the second page of the Committee report be expunged. After discussion, Ron Fischer moved and Marie Mohler seconded to expunge the second page of the Committee's report. After further discussion, Marie Mohler moved and Linda Olson seconded that the motion be tabled. The motion to table passed.


The idea of a pilot study to put end-of-course evaluations on line has been proposed by administration. They requested that the Faculty Senate President appoint members of the faculty to the University Committee on Evaluations to consider such action. Concerns were raised about the validity of such results because of duplicate sampling and incomplete sampling. Further discussion and a possible resolution from the Faculty Senate will be placed on next month's agenda.


Stephanie Witwer told the Senate that an Institutional Committee is being formed to develop online course guidelines. The Committee would enable MSU to transition from the grant (under which many courses began) to on-going operation of the courses. The Committee would not deal with curriculum issues. A student will probably be added to the Committee.


The State Board of Higher Education Policies require each campus to develop procedures by which the intellectual property policies will be implemented. The Academic Policies Committee, with only 3 people, is too small for the task. Senators agreed that outside expertise is needed for this task. Paul Markell will communicate with other institutions to learn how they are handling this requirement.


The Senate agreed to not appoint a replacement for Tom Seymour on the ad hoc Promotion and Tenure Policies Committee because the work of the committee is nearly finished.


Ernst Pijning reported that the General Education Committee recommends the re-authorization of English 231 as a general education course. David McCormack moved and Lisa Bordon-King seconded acceptance of their report. Motion passed.


Stephen Hayton reported that the Curriculum Committee recommends acceptance of the proposed Elementary Mathematics Concentration for the Master of Education degree along with the new courses attached to the proposal. Rick Barkosky moved and Ron Royer seconded the acceptance of the Committee recommendation. Motion passed.


President Keller declared the meeting adjourned at 5:05.


Respectfully submitted,

David McCormack, Secretary
Minot State University Faculty Senate 2002-2003

Full Senate Meeting February 20, 2003

3:30 p.m. Westlie Room



Faculty Senate President - Dr. Christopher Keller

Faculty Senate Vice President - Dr. Paul Markel

Faculty Senate Secretary - Dr. David McCormack

Faculty Senate Parliamentarian - Dr. Bethany Andreasen



At-large: David McCormack (03), Rick Seklecki (03), Tom Seymour (03), Elizabeth Steere (03), Leisa Harmon (04), Susan Podrygula (04), Michelle Sauer (04), Larry Atwood (05), Cheryl Nilsen (05)

Arts and Sciences: Rick Barkosky (03), Ron Fischer (03), Ernst Pijning (03), Chris Keller (04), Clark Markell (04), Ron Royer (04), Christian Fantoni (05), Linda Olson (05), Gary Rabe (05)

Business: Patti Fedje (04), Mohammad Saeed (05)

Education and Health Sciences: Linda Haider (03), Marie Mohler (03), Ken Staub (03), Lisa Borden King (04), Paul Markel (05)

Students: Chad Johnson, Gabe Rauschenberger



  1. Approval of the minutes
  2. Announcements
  3. Review the Agenda
  4. Administrative report
  5. Old Business


  1. New Business

a. Report of the Faculty Review Committee

b. Re-constitution of the University Committee on Evaluations (institutional)

c. Institutional Committee for on-line users

d. Compliance with State Board policy 611.2 (9)

e. Membership of the Ad hoc committee on Promotion and Tenure

f. General Education Committee report

g. Curriculum Committee report