Executive Committee

  • Carries out defined responsibilities of Executive Committee, and
  • Oversees Regents' endowment accounts and award funds
  • Reviews requests for expenditures
  • Recommends uses of funds
  • Monitors expenditures
  • Serves in an active advisory role for MSU and administration
  • Serves as a sounding board for the President and senior staff; for issues and new initiatives
  • Works closely with President and the staff
  • Offers innovative advice and ideas to President
  • Provides supportive and candid input on campus activities and suggestions for improvement (e.g., recruitment)

Membership Committee

  • Identifies prospective members
  • Nominates individuals who meet the criteria
  • Monitors the number of Board members required in the Bylaws
  • Reviews qualifications; corresponds with nominees and interested members
  • Seeks a diverse committee membership
  • Reviews and makes recommended updates as needed membership roles and responsibilities
  • Mentors new members
  • Makes recommendations on nominees, appointments, reappointments
  • Plans, organizes, and conducts new member orientation (including formal orientation about Regents, University, and campus).

Strategic Planning Committee

  • Explores and offers futuristic ideas, and assists in charting that course
  • Brainstorms and investigates potential new initiatives for Board and the University
  • Assists University in accomplishing strategic goals
  • Provides planning and strategic input
  • Develops goals in conjunction with administration
  • Conducts "think tank" sessions, where out of the box comments can be shared to stimulate future programs and ideas
  • Committee member serves as Regents' representative on University Planning and Budgeting Council, and offers reports back to the committee.

Public Relations and Communications Committee

  • Communicates with area residents and leaders
  • Servers as link between community leaders and the University
  • Serves as public relations arm to the University
  • Provides information to community on the status of MSU
  • Helps the University connect and be an integral part of the community
  • Serves as Ambassadors for the University
  • Helps spread the President's vision and other information about MSU
  • Advocates for MSU in Minot and retirement communities
  • Promotes and supports the University as a leader in higher education in this region; markets and promotes the University, and serves as link between community leaders and the University

Advancement and Promotion Committee

  • Provides active support system for MSU
  • Initiates projects; seeks scholarship support
  • Supports President and his/her goals
  • Lends business expertise and support to University activities and direction
  • Serves to influence people locally and statewide; political support
  • Helps in working with legislators before and during the legislative session
  • Seeks financial support (for current needs and long-term needs)
  • Active in fund raising for the University
  • Continues efforts to work MSU and economic development together; contributing to growth of University and the region

Campus Life and Development Committee

  • Introduces new ideas to increase enrollment
  • Promotes international studies program as a vital link to our future; promoting the need to think globally
  • Supports the Foundation growth as an important element of MSU
  • Assists in the effort to build connections with local school districts, particularly Minot High School; promoting the need to do better job recruiting from MHS
  • Assists in the promoting of MSU and its many strengths to potential students
  • Shares ideas and suggestions about campus life; serves as a sounding board of the community.