COVID-19 Updates/Processes

Here are topics related to changes enacted Spring 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you have any additional questions not answered below, please check out our Contact Us page, or feel free to text (701-809-9282) or call (701-858-3345)!

To keep everyone as safe as possible and limit the number of people in our office, our door will be closed but we are still here to help!

Please note, all form submissions must be from the Minot State e-mail address. Forms sent from any other e-mail address will not be accepted.


Registration for Summer and Fall 2020 begins April 7th for currently enrolled students and April 10th for new students. Please check the Forms Processing section for information on how we are currently processing forms with faculty and students being off campus.

  • To view your enrollment time and date click here.
  • For more Campus Connection 'How To' videos, click here.
  • Commencement: Due to the continuing need to practice personal and social distancing to slow the spread of COVID-19, we unfortunately had to make the very difficult decision that it will not be practical or realistic to pursue our in-person Commencement ceremonies scheduled for May 15. We are planning on hosting an in-person ceremony in the fall, and will share details as they are confirmed. Please monitor your MSU email and our graduation website for more information.
  • Regalia Information: MSU Bookstore's regalia company, Herff Jones, is offering a full refund (minus shipping for those who chose to ship to their homes). If you shipped to your home, you can return the complete regalia package back to Herff Jones – 1-800-387-4235. For those that opted to ship to the store, please contact Tiffany Heth, with the subject line: Full Regalia Return. If you still want certain regalia such as caps, tassels, or stoles, the bookstore will order those when possible and have them in the store all through the summer.
  • Degree Posting: We have had some concerns brought to our attention regarding degrees not being posted and students not graduating without the in-person ceremony in May. Just to reiterate: Commencement is a ceremony in which a student is recognized by the University community, family and friends. Participating in commencement does not mean that you have graduated. Final degree audits will still take place after final grades are posted at the end of the term as normal and providing you have successfully completed your degree requirements, your degree will be posted

Due to Minot State University's response to the Coronavirus situation, postal services are limited at this time.

  • Any mailing of same-day transcripts will need to be received no later than 10:00 AM central standard time in order to be mailed out same day.
  • Fed Ex orders will need to be received no later than 10:00 AM central standard time to be processed same day.
  • We are currently only accepting transcript orders online through the National Student Clearinghouse.


Add form:
  1. The student emails the request to add from their MSU email account to the instructor's MSU email. The email must include the class subject, catalog #, class #, credits, and term.
  2. The instructor forwards the student's email with their approval to anyone in the Registrar's Office or emails
  3. For students with time conflicts, both instructors will need to email their approval to the Registrar's Office.
Drop form:
  1. Students should not need drop forms for this semester, as the deadline to drop courses through Campus Connection has been extended. The last day to drop is May 5 for second eight-week courses and May 8 for sixteen-week courses.
  2. Students will receive a W grade on their transcript for courses dropped at this point in the term. W grades will not affect their GPA. 
  3. To see how to drop courses, check out our video: Dropping a Course.
Overload form:
  1. The student emails the request to overload from their MSU email account to their advisor's MSU email. The email must include the class subject, catalog #, class #, credits, and term 
  2. The advisor forwards the student's email with their approval to the chair's MSU email.
  3. The chair confirms the student’s cumulative GPA is above 3.0 and forwards email with their approval to anyone in the Registrar's Office or emails
  4. If there are prerequisites that are not met or other enrollment issues, the chair forwards the email to the corresponding chair to approve the override into the course.
Course Completion Agreement (due when grades are due):
  1. The student and faculty discuss the I (incomplete) grade option and assignments left to be completed, agree on the date, and grade to change to if work is not completed.
  2. The student emails the request for an I (incomplete) grade from their MSU email account to the instructor's MSU email. The email must include the class subject, catalog #, class #, assignments to be completed, date by which the work must be completed, and the grade to change to if work is not completed. 
  3. The instructor forwards the student's email with their approval to anyone in the Registrar's Office or emails
Substitution Form:
  1. The chair emails from their MSU email the student name; ID number; program area the substitution is to be applied to (major, minor, or concentration); institution of the course being subbed (either transfer school or MSU); substitution class subject, catalog #, and name; and the MSU class subject, catalog #, and name.
  2. If the substitution is for Required Core or Foundational Content course, the request is emailed to the corresponding chair's MSU email. That chair forwards the email with their approval to anyone in the Registrar's Office or emails
S/U and A-F Grading Form:
  1. Undergraduate students submit a S/U Grading Option form, using their credentials to log in.
    • The deadline to submit the change to S/U grading is May 1.
    • The deadline to change back to A-F grading is May 8 for regular, sixteen-week courses and May 5 for second eight-week courses.

Drop Date Policy for Spring 2020

The last day to drop a course has been extended to May 8, 2020 for sixteen-week courses and May 5, 2020 for second eight-week courses. Students can drop a course online in Campus Connection through these dates. The last day to withdraw from all classes remains the same: May 8, 2020 for sixteen-week courses and May 5, 2020 for second eight-week courses.

Undergraduate Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grading Policy for Spring Semester 2020

As part of Minot State University’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, all undergraduate students shall have the option to convert any or all of the (A-F) letter grades they earn in their classes during spring semester 2020 to S/U grading. This policy is effective April 2, 2020.

  • Before choosing this grading option for one or more of their classes, students should consult with their academic advisors and the Financial Aid office regarding potential impact to their financial aid, licensure requirements, and graduate school admissions.
  • In addition, athletes should consult with the Associate Athletic Director, and veterans and active
    duty military personnel, as well as their spouses and dependents who are entitled to benefits,
    should consult with the Military Resource Center prior to choosing this grading option. 
  • The student must initiate the “opt in” to S/U grading.
  • Students can change to S/U grading through May 1, 2020, and they can change back to A-F
    grading through the last business day before finals (May 5 for second 8-week classes; May 8 for
    16-week classes).
  • An S grade includes A-C grades in the standard A-F grading scheme, and U includes D and F grades.
  • An S grade grants credit toward graduation but does not affect a student’s grade point average.
    A U grade also does not affect the grade point average and does not grant credit toward
  • To give students the best opportunity to succeed in their courses this term, students with a D or
    better grade who are actively participating in the class have the option of an incomplete grade,
    to be arranged between the student and the faculty member teaching the course
  • Grading options will be available in Campus Connection at the student level and at the time that
    faculty record grades at the end of the semester.
  • Academic Standing and Honors will be reviewed closely, and exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis.
  • This policy overrides all program-level grading policies currently in effect at Minot State,
    including those related to courses within the major, pre-requisite courses, and maximum number of credits that a student can earn with S/U grades.
  • A notation on the transcript for spring semester 2020 will indicate the extraordinary circumstances that occurred during this term.

Graduate School Incomplete (I) Grade Policy for Spring and Summer 2020

For spring and summer 2020, the incomplete deadline for graduate courses (those numbered 501-599) has been extended until the middle of October 2020. The full Graduate Incomplete Grading Policy is available on the Graduate School website. Please see the Forms Processing section for instructions on how to request an incomplete grade.