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MSU Profiles

Leading by example

When Aaron Richard moved to Minot his senior year of high school, he was a new face around town. In a matter of three years, this Kasson, Minn. transplant has gone from the new kid in class to the student body president of Minot State University.

It would be correct to label Richard an overachiever. In addition to being elected as student body president, at the end of his sophomore year (he is currently a junior), Richard is the vice president of PBL, a former student senator with the Student Government Association, an orientation leader, a triple major in management information systems, management and marketing, and a member of the entrepreneur club. On top of this, he works a part time job at Scheels.

So what is Richard’s secret to balancing such a demanding schedule?

“There’s no secret,” mused Richard. “It’s just a matter of time management and figuring out what your priorities are. For me, school always comes first. Then everything else lines up behind that.”

Richard believes college is a time to take risks and dabble in a little bit of everything. As Richard sees it, extracurricular activities are an extension of the classroom experience.

“Being a part of these clubs allows you to apply what you learn in the class room and grow your knowledge,” said Richard. “It helps to reinforce what you learn in the classroom, makes you a more rounded individual, and more competitive in the work place.”

While it would be easy for Richard to be looking ahead to his future prospects beyond graduation, he has his full attention on his current responsibilities as a student and leader.

“As President, I want to motivate students to be more involved and excited by what the college has to offer,” said Richard. “There’s a lot of opportunities to take advantage of and a lot of experiences to be had.”

One of the opportunities Richard has taken advantage of is the business competitions the PBL program competes in annually. This summer, Richard had the opportunity to travel to Anaheim, Calif. for the national conference to compete with other college students around the country.

Richard credits MSU for being a solid foundation to grow as a student and to prepare for a future career.
“It’s a small university with a big university feel,” said Richard. “People know you by name here; you’re not just a number on a sheet.”

While it is true that many people around MSU know Richard by name, it is equally true that he has made quite a name for himself.