Small Grants for Faculty Research

Each year, faculty from a wide range of disciplines apply for funding through Minot State University’s Small Grants for Faculty Research program. Each grant application is reviewed by members of the MSU Faculty Research Committee. Committee members use a scoring rubric to rank the applications and use these rankings in making final funding decisions.

Small Grant for Faculty Research Awards for 2022-2023

  • Nichol Anderson, Karen Foley, and Ruth Chen: “The Development, Implementation, and Evaluation of a Professional Development Program Focusing on Evidence-based Developmentally Appropriate Practices for Early Childhood Care Providers in Rural Settings” funded for $1690
  • Ruth Chen: “The Effects of a Community-Based Short-Term Fundamental Movement Program on Preschool-Aged Children’s Fundamental Movement Competence” funded for $3000
  • Penny Craven: “Land of Helicopters and Bubble Wrapped Babies: The Psychological and Practical Effects of Overparenting on College Student Emotional Wellbeing and Academic Performance” funded for $2999.50
  • Joseph Pettit: “The Yearly Phenology of the Bats of North Dakota” funded for $1956
  • Sophia Rammell: “Spoken Language Comprehension and Neurocognition in Spanish Learners Abroad” fully funded for $3000
  • David Rolandson and Dianna Anderson: “Influencing Secondary School Band Students' Perceptions and Attitudes Towards the Tuba Through Live Performance” funded for $1157.90
  • Krystal St. Peter: “Eyewitness Memory for Criminal and Non-Criminal Events” funded for $3000
  • Ethan Valentine:“Digital Minot: Augmented Reality & Location-Based Mental Model Formation” funded for $2995
  • Chenmu (Julia) Xing: “Investigating the Effect and Patterns of Representational Tool Use for Probability Problem Processing” funded for $2392
  • Wenjing Zheng, Holly Pedersen, Ann Beste-Guldborg, and Tracey Olson: “Assessing and Adapting MSU Student Handbook to Improve Readability” partially funded for $2780

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