Small Grants for Faculty Research

Each year, faculty from a wide range of disciplines apply for funding through Minot State University’s Small Grants for Faculty Research program. Each grant application is reviewed by members of the MSU Faculty Research Committee. Committee members use a scoring rubric to rank the applications and use these rankings in making final funding decisions.

Small Grant Awards for 2021-2022 – $20,894

  • Beth Marschner: “Effects of Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM)” funded for $3000
  • Chenmu (Julia) Xing: “Comparative Analysis of Instructional Materials for High School Probability in The U.S. and Asia” funded for $3000
  • David Rolandson: “Supporting Apprentice Music Teachers and Music Education through Instruction in a Beginning Community Concert Band Program” funded for $3000
  • Heidi Super: “Investigating the Role of the RNA-Binding Protein RMB39/Caper and FMRI in Neuron Differentiation” funded for $3000
  • Holly Pedersen: “Learning to Collaborate: An Interdisciplinary Project-Based Activity to Prepare Pre-Service Personnel for Inclusion of Students with Disabilities” funded for $2900
  • Joseph Pettit: “How are Sex Ratios Maintained in Spring Herbs of North Dakota? Using Plant Hormones to Influence the Sex Expression of Jack-in-the-Pulpit, Arisaema Triphyllum” funded for $2994
  • Ryan Stander: Working Backwards 2.0: Digital Images into Wet Plate Collodion” funded for $3000

Small Grant Awards for 2020-2021 – $23,560

  • Beth Marschner: “Effects of Vestibular Rehabilitation in the Treatment of Dizziness and Balance Disturbances after Concussion” funded for $3000
  • Chenmu (Julia) Xing: “How Probability is Visually Represented in Mathematics Textbooks” funded for $2720
  • Emerson Eads: “A Fine Elm Project” funded for $3000
  • Heidi Super: “Investigating the Role of the RND-Binding Protein RMB39/Caper in Neuron Differentiation” funded for $3000
  • Maria Kerzmann and Mary Huston: “A Nationwide Assessment of Criminal Justice Students’ Exposure to Communication Disorders” funded for $2840
  • Micah Bloom: “Radiosity: Diffusion and Global Illumination” funded for $3000
  • Ryan Stander: “Working Backwards: Digital Images into Wet Plate Collodion” funded for $3000
  • Thorpe Halloran: “Documenting the Ichthyofauna and Benthic Macroinvertebrate Assemblages in Central and Western ND” funded for $3000

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