Phase 2: Meeting with your Academic Advisor

Welcome to Phase 2 of your Virtual New Student Orientation (VNSO)! Make sure to complete all areas of this phase, in order to move on to Phase 3. 

Advisors at Minot State will use the Microsoft Teams virtual meeting platform. 

Prior to your appointment: 

  • Download the Microsoft Teams app.
  • Make sure your device is compatible and your Internet speed is sufficient.
  • Arrange for a private and quiet location for your appointment. Please no guests - this is a confidential appointment.
  • Plan to login to your Minot State email. Should any technical issues arise, your advisor will contact you with instructions or updates.
  • Ensure you have access to a laptop, computer, or tablet. Using a Smartphone is not recommended, as certain features of the app are not available.

During your advising appointment, your academic advisor will assist you with the following:

  • Review requirements for your major, including General Education requirements
  • Review and register for a First-Year Experience Learning Community
  • Review course offerings
  • Register for classes in Campus Connection
  • View your class schedule in Campus Connection

Let your advisor know if you have completed or are interested in any of the following:

  • Advanced Placement (AP) exams
  • Dual Credit
  • Honors Program
  • Music ensembles
  • Leadership courses
  • Additional major(s) and/or minor(s)

Ensure you have access to a laptop, computer, or tablet. Using a Smartphone is not recommended, as certain features of the app are not available.

  • Tuition, fees and financial aid:
    • What is the cost of tuition and fees, per semester?
    • What financial aid options are available to me?
  • Available resources:
    • What exactly is an advisor and how will you help me?
    • What resources are available to me while I complete my degree?
  • Degree and classes:
    • How can I finish my degree in 4 years? How many credits do I need to take per semester to graduate in 4 years?
    • How are my classes graded and are the grading scales different for each class?
    • How many credits are offered for each class?
    • How many hours should I plan to study per week for each class?
    • Where will my AP credit/class count?
    • What is the difference between major, minor and concentration?
    • What is the First-Year Experience (FYE)? Which FYE should I take?
    • What are General Education (GE) classes? What are the required GE classes for me?
  • Career:
    • What are possible career options or internship with my degree?
    • When I can start looking for internships and/or career opportunities?
  • Transfer student questions:
    • Where do my transfer credits count?
    • What are the grade requirements for a class to be transferred?
    • Do I need to take an FYE?
    • Why are my transfer credits not counting?
    • My transcript shows TRNS100/200. What does that mean?
  • Registration/scheduling classes:
    • How can I choose/declare/change my major?
    • What is an Add/Drop slip?
    • How can I add a class to my schedule? What is the deadline for adding a class?
    • How can I withdraw/drop a class? What is the deadline for dropping a class?
    • If I have conflicting classes, can I substitute it with any other class that fits in my schedule?
    • What classes are required for this major?
    • In what order should I take my required classes?
    • Which class is offered online? Do you suggest taking online classes? How do I know a class is offered online?
    • Which class can I take at Minot Air Force Base (MAFB)? Can I take a class at MAFB?

New Minot State students can virtually meet with a New Student Orientation Leader, via Microsoft Teams, to receive assistance with questions. You will be placed in an Orientation Leader Group and will be able to meet and chat with orientation leaders.

Look forward to an email with more information!


You have now completed Phase 2. It's time to move on to Phase 3 of VNSO! 

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