Out of State Students Interested in an Online Degree from Minot State University

MSU became a SARA member in June 2014.State laws require colleges and universities to be authorized to offer online degree programs in the states where their students are located. This authorization can be obtained by seeking authorization through the individual state or by participating in a reciprocity agreement such as the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (NC-SARA). Minot State University became a SARA institution in June 2014, allowing Minot State to offer online programs to residents in other SARA states. SARA states include all US states with the exception of California, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. As of June 2020, Minot State is able to offer online degree programs to students located in California. This applies only to students in the United States.

Licensure Programs: Authorization to offer online degree programs does not automatically imply that a program will lead to licensure or certification in a state. Please pay careful attention to the following information about specific online programs: 

  • The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice does not lead to a peace officer license. Additional credentials and education will be required to obtain a peace officer's license.
  • The Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education (non-teaching) program alone does not meet state teacher licensure or certification requirements. It does meet federal requirements for Head Start teachers.
  • The BSN Completion admits individuals who have a current unencumbered registered nurse license in their state of residence. Therefore, the BSN Completion Program does NOT lead to a professional licensure in your state of residence. A U.S. Nursing License is required, therefore students with a nursing license from another country are not eligible.
  • For information regarding licensure for Driver's Education teachers, please see the Driver Education licensure web page.
  • The Master of Education program alone does not meet state teacher licensure or certification requirements.
  • For information regarding licensure related to the Master of Science in Special Education, please see the Special Education licensure web page. Due to complex licensure requirements that vary by state and are constantly changing, Minot State will determine on an individual basis if our program will meet a state’s licensure requirements. If you are interested in determining if the MS in Special Education can meet your state's requirements for licensure, please contact Minot State Online prior to making application. To find your state's licensing agencies and review their requirements, please refer to the list of licensing agencies by state on the Education Licensing Bodies web page.

Relocation: At the time of your inquiry for an online program that leads to licensure, you will provide Minot State with your current location. This location will be used to determine if our program will fulfill licensure requirements in that state/territory. If you relocate to a different state/territory, Minot State cannot guarantee that our program will fulfill licensure requirements in that state/territory. Therefore, it is important that you notify Minot State as soon as possible of any planned relocation that will change the state/territory where you plan to receive your licensure. Official notification should be made by contacting your program advisor and changing your mailing address in Campus Connection. Within 14 days of receiving your notification, Minot State will notify you whether our program will fulfill licensure requirements in your new location or if we unable to determine whether it does.