Frequently Asked Questions

Login instructions can be found on the Login Instructions page.

Unlike other institutions that charge by the program or semester, MSU Online charges by the credit (semester hour). Since many of our students transfer in hours from other institutions, this saves them money. Visit the Tuition and Fees page for the current cost.

Yes, distance education courses count within the tuition cap between 12 and 18 credits.

  • Online asynchronous courses do not have a scheduled meeting day and time, so students can do their coursework at their convenience. However, most courses have deadlines for homework and testing but when you complete these is up to you and your schedule.

  • Online synchronous (Web Based) courses have a scheduled meeting day and time each week. Students must login and attend class on a regular schedule. Students will need a webcam and microphone to attend class.

Blackboard operates on software and browsers that are available as a free download. Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus is available for current students. This is a full version of Office, which includes: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, Teams, and more. Free supporting software can be found on Software Downloads link under Student Services. Students are responsible for purchasing any software required by specific courses. Each semester these requirements are listed on the MSU Online website.

Financial aid is available to eligible students. To apply online visit the Financial Aid website.

Online courses follow the standard Minot State schedule with courses offered in three different semesters: fall, spring and summer. Fall semester starts at the end of August; spring semester starts at the beginning of January; and summer semester starts at the end of May. Registration for fall and summer semesters starts in April and registration for spring semester starts in November.

Most courses require the support of a textbook. Books can be purchased online or on the telephone from the Minot State Bookstore. Financial aid can be used if they are purchased during the financial aid charge dates. The dates are available on the Business Office website.

You can expect to spend as much time in your online course as in a traditional on-campus course. If you are new to online learning, you may want to start with one or two courses in the first semester until you get used to the technology and e-learning environment. If you are already experienced with online learning, four courses or 12 credits is considered full-time. However you should take into consideration your job, family, and other commitments, as well as the difficulty of the courses when deciding how many courses to take.

You will need to fill out an Application for Re-Admission form and provide transcripts from any college or universities you have attended since Minot State. However, you will NOT have to pay the application fee again. If you have any questions, you can contact the Registrar's Office at 701-858-3349 or 1-800-777-0750 Ext. 3349.

Minot State offers two lab science course online, GEOL 101 Environmental Geology with Lab and CHEM 110 Survey of Chemistry. If you need to take one of these courses, discuss it with your advisor and register early. They fill up quickly.

You can find a list of courses offered in the current semester on the Schedules page.