Software Downloads

Windows - Microsoft Windows
Macintosh - Apple Macintosh

Links for Software Downloads
Program File Extension OS Download Link
Firefox   Windows Macintosh Mozilla Firefox
Optional: add-on to display alt tags
Google Chrome   Windows Google Chrome
Edge (2020 version)     Microsoft Edge
Safari   Macintosh Safari
Antivirus and Malware Detection
Malicious Software Detection Tool - Malwarebytes   Windows Malwarebytes
Antivirus Options   Windows Macintosh Antivirus
Support Programs
Adobe Acrobat Reader pdf Windows Macintosh Adobe Acrobat
Nvu HTML Authoring   Windows Macintosh Nvu HTML Authoring
Respondus Lockdown Browser (RLB)   Windows Macintosh Respondus Lockdown Browser
WinZip (Shareware) zip Windows Winzip for Windows
Audio and Video
Audacity (open source for recording and editing sounds)   Windows Macintosh Audacity
VLC Media Player flv, wmv, avi, mkv, etc. Windows Macintosh VLC Media Player for Windows
VLC Media Player for Macintosh
Quicktime mov Windows Macintosh Apple Quicktime
Real Player Basic rm, ram Windows Macintosh Real Player Basic
Windows Media Player avi, wmv, wma Windows Media Player for Windows
    Macintosh Media Player for Macintosh
Software Downloads
Microsoft Office for currently enrolled students     Microsoft Office