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Division of Music

Student Profiles

When I was looking for colleges, Minot State University was not the first place to come to mind. I had been to the university many times, for camps, festivals, and other various activities growing up. Despite that, it seemed like I had a blind spot for MSU; largely, I just didn’t want college to feel exactly like every other stage in my life. When it came down for me to choose, however, I realized that Minot State was a perfect fit for me. Financially, I have been able to get a remarkable education with a lot less debt. Socially, the small class sizes allow for me to truly get to know my peers and professors. The professors at MSU are very invested in their student’s success, and I’ve found them to always be available for any questions or help if it’s needed. I’m also grateful at the variety of interests that I am allowed to pursue. Here, I am able to pursue a double major of Criminal Justice and Music, along with concentrations in Honors and Philosophy. Additionally, I’ve also been able to join a variety of clubs and activities at MSU, allowing me to meet students from a multitude of other majors. Truly, Minot State University has been a wonderful learning experience for me, and I look forward to everything I have yet to learn here.