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Informational Guides [pdf]

How to choose a different ring tone
How to change call and ring volume
How to transfer a call
How to make a conference call
How to plug phone in correctly
How to change call handling mode

ShoreTel 230 IP Phone Quick Reference Manual
ShoreTel 230 IP Phone Full Manual
Change Ringtone on ShoreTel 230 IP Phone

Shoretel Voicemail - 858-4567

ShoreTel Voicemail Phone Interface User Guide
Shoretel Communicator Voicemail Guide

Desk Phone and Communicator Online User Training

Shoretel Communicator Software
Shoretel 230 Telephone
Shoretel 480/485 Telephone

Shoretel PC and Mac Client - (On Campus Only)
Shoretel Communicator is a software package that extends the feature set of your desk phone.  Communicator is free to everyone that has phone service.  The key features of Communicator are:

  • Expanded Call History - view the last 1000 calls
  • Complete campus phone directory
  • Manage call transferring and conferencing 
  • Listen to voicemail messages on your computer
  • Manage your customized greetings for each of your call handling modes.
  • Download your voicemail to a wave file and send it to your email.

ShoreTel Client Installer -Windows and Mac

Shoretel Client Server Name: stclient.minotstateu.edu
Username: MISU\firstname.lastname
Password: Campus Connection Password

ShoreTel Web Access

Web Access is a browser-based interface that allows you to change your call handling mode, speed dials and options from any computer connected to the intranet or internet.
Username: firstname.lastname
Password: Campus Connection Password

Phone Numbers

Department Office Numbers

Faculty & Staff Directory

Emergency Contacts