The Current State

  • The base template is made to comply with Level AA before any implementation. Each website starts out compliant.
  • Alt tags are used everywhere. Page decoration and unnecessary images receive empty alt tags.
  • Table layouts have been removed, with the fall 2009 template rollout.
  • Web forms carry labels.
  • Whenever possible documents are posted as PDF files, the industry standard archiving format of choice. Accessibility my not be ideal, but the documents can be accessed by the majority of site users unlike random formats (cws, wpf, docx, xls, etc.). Scanned files have OCR applied whenever possible.
  • Use of java script and flash is kept to a minimum. When used attempts to provide less encumbered alternatives are made.
  • New cascading style sheets have been added with the 2009 template. In addition to screen and print 3 additions (handheld, speech, & aural) have been added to attempt to control user experiences in different usage situations
  • 2013 - began rollout of responsive template allowing greater accessibility across devices.
  • 2015 - Marketing has started captioning promotional videos on YouTube.

Future Plans

  • Continued refinements to the responsive design and layout.