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Office of International Programs

Spain - Valencia: Spanish Language, Business & Liberal Arts at the Florida State University – Valencia Study Center


Program Dates: late July to early August
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MSU offers an excellent program in Valencia, Spain. This program is recommended for MSU students from all majors who are interested in improving or acquiring Spanish language skills while studying other subjects at the same time.

The Florida State University - Valencia Study Center offers Spanish language grammar courses at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels, Spanish culture, and a number of content courses instructed in English. Classmates are international students, the majority of whom are North Americans.You will not be taking most of your classes emmersed with Spanish students, instead at this study center.

Program Features:

Location: Valencia (metro population around 1,720,000), Spain's third largest city, is located on the Mediterranean coast approximately 200 miles south of Barcelona. Although Valencia has a rich history, it is often referred to as one of Spain's more modern cities. Study abroad in Valencia is the perfect addition to the college experience for American students!

Learn more about Valencia!

Language: The language classes in this program are taught in Spanish while other content courses are offered in English. Valencia has two official languages: Valencian and Spanish; the predominant language within Valencia is Spanish.

Program Provider: International Studies Abroad (ISA) is one of MSU’s affiliated study abroad providers that has been chosen specifically for the quality and credibility of their academic offerings, affordability, and the level of service provided to participants.

Program Cost: Tuition and fees will be paid directly to ISA, and a single course fee of $50 will be paid to MSU.
For more information about prices and dates, scroll down this link to "Florida State University-Valencia Study Center Summer 3."

Minot State University students receive a $200 discount from the overall program fees, which will be subtracted from the final payment made to ISA.

What does the program fee include?

Areas of Study: The Spanish Language, Business & Liberal Arts summer program in Valencia offers Spanish language courses for beginning, intermediate and advanced level students in addition to content courses in English. Language Requirement: Students who have not completed a college semester/quarter of Spanish language or the equivalent MUST choose language as one of their courses.

See a list of courses that have been pre-approved to replace MSU degree requirements or electives.

* While preparing to study abroad, students should consult their academic advisor for assistance in choosing the most appropriate courses for their degree program.

Housing: ISA housing provides the opportunity for students to experience aspects of the Spanish lifestyle that are inaccessible to the average visitor of Spain. All ISA housing options are either within walking distance or conveniently located near public transit routes. Travel times to the various university buildings generally range between 15 and 40 minutes depending on housing and class locations. Note: all housing in Spain is subject to availability. Options include homestay or apartment.

For more information, check out the housing link on the page of the summer option you have chosen.

Want to Learn More?

» Available Excursions in Valencia
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How to Apply

Application Deadline: February 15th

Eligibility: Undergraduates, with sophomore status and at least a 2.5 GPA (cumulative).
There is no language prerequisite for this program.

Application Procedure:

    • Step 1: Submit a completed MSU Study Abroad Application to the MSU Office of International Programs by February 15th
    • Step 2: Receive letter of acceptance to study abroad through MSU from the MSU Office of International Programs
    • Step 3: By the appropriate deadline, complete the ISA application online, making sure to follow all instructions and program requirements.
    • Step 4: You will receive notification of your final acceptance status from ISA. If admitted, complete the process outlined below along with any other instructions you receive from ISA.

Contact Information: Amber Smith, Study Abroad Coordinator:

Information for Admitted Students
* Although we make every attempt to keep this information up to date, please defer to information provided to you directly from ISA as the best resource. If there are discrepancies between the protocols listed here (applying for housing, getting registered for courses, etc.) and those told to you by ISA, default to those of ISA. However, health insurance requirements, course equivalencies, credit transfer and grading are determined solely by MSU.

Information for accepted students: Access your ISA student portal to find important information and requirements to aid you in your preparations for your program, including:

    • Student housing details
    • Student visas
    • Scheduling your travel
    • Health, safety & insurance
    • Cultural resources
    • Cell phones/communication while abroad

Housing: The cost of housing is included in the program fee, but certain housing options can be limited, so make your arrangements promptly. You will complete a housing preference form through the ISA student portal.

ISA will provide you with your housing assignment details via the portal in your Final Packet, typically 2-4 weeks before the program start date. For any questions about housing, contact your ISA site specialist.

Academic Information: Students will enroll in two courses during the program. Students who have not completed a college semester/quarter of Spanish language or the equivalent MUST choose language as one of their courses.

All students must take a Spanish language placement exam upon arrival in Valencia. The exam will indicate each student's language proficiency level, and will determine the courses in which the student is eligible to enroll. Students who arrive in Spain having completed less than one year of college-level Spanish will likely place into beginning level courses. Students who arrive in Spain having completed one full year of college-level Spanish will likely place into the intermediate level courses. Students who arrive in Spain having completed two years of college-level Spanish will likely place into advanced level courses.

All students will receive an official transcript from Florida State University upon completion of the program.

Visa: Terminology note: the words 'visa,' 'residence permit' and 'study permit' are used interchangeably to describe the document that authorizes a person to enter or leave the country for which it was issued.

Information about your Spanish Residence Permit will be obtained through ISA. Refer to the information provided on your student portal for detailed instructions. Depending upon your program dates and individual situation, travel to the embassy (and/or a visa) might not be necessary.
Planning your travel: Wait to make your travel arrangements until you have received an itinerary and guidelines from ISA regarding official arrival dates and times, as well as your program's official end date. After booking all travel arrangements (flights, trains, etc.), it is imperative to schedule your arrival with your onsite coordinator

Health Insurance: Insurance is included in the price and covers the program participant for the official on-site period of program. This is not an optional benefit; every ISA participant will be covered by the ISA medical insurance coverage. ISA requires that all students have comprehensive insurance and has arranged for a group insurance policy.

The benefits of the coverage include the following:

    • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefit

    • Medical Expense Benefit

    • Repatriation of Remains Benefit

    • Emergency Medical Evacuation

    • Emergency Reunion Benefit

    • Trip Interruption Benefit

Click here for more information about Health and Safety through ISA.

Last updated June 18, 2015