Campus Policies

“The great aim of education is not knowledge but action.”

– Herbert Spencer

Minot State University's campus policies outline the values to which the university is committed and which are designed to help ensure order in the university community. A student is responsible for both knowing campus policies and for their actions whether acting individually or in a group. 

Every student and student group at the University shall be required to act lawfully and in such a way as not to adversely affect the educational processes of the University or the rights of members of the University community and others. Violation of this general standard of behavior shall be considered misconduct under this Code. By the procedures set forth in this Code, the following types of misconduct shall be subject to discipline.

Violations of The Law

Alleged violations of federal, state and local laws may be investigated and addressed under the Code of Student Life. When an offense occurs over which the University has jurisdiction, the University conduct process will usually go forward notwithstanding any criminal complaint that may arise from the same incident.

Each member of Minot State is held responsible for their own behavior. Students should be aware of all federal, and local laws, as well as Minot State policy. Ignorance does not eliminate responsibility.

*Some policies can be found here, however some policies are housed in the individual campus offices.