Master of Music Education

3/7/17: This program is currently on inactive status and is no longer accepting new admission applications. 

Admission Standards:

1.  Undergraduate requirements: bachelor's degree is music or music education
2.  GPA - cumulative: 2.75; 3.00 within the major
3.  Interview with faculty upon a completed application packet

Application Packet Deadline Dates:

International Applicants:    April 30
Domestic Applications:      June 15

International Applicants:   August 30
Domestic Applicants         November 15

Domestic Applicants  April 15

*International students are required to start during a fall or spring semester only. 

Required Courses (Music Education Core): 20 Credits (CR)
MUSC 501 Research in Music Education 4CR
       or ED 501 (2CR) Quantitative AND
           ED 502 (2CR) Qualitative Research
MUSC 510 Graduate Music History 3CR
MUSC 515 Graduate Music Theory 3CR
MUSC 520 Critical Issues in Music Education 3CR
MUSC 530 Curriculum Development for the Music Classroom 3CR
MUS 599 Master of Music Education Capstone Project 4CR
Specialization/Supporting Courses: 10 Credits (CR)
MUSC 592 Advanced Music Methods Training (K/O/D) 3CR
      or MUSC 532 Graduate Conducting  
MUSC 590 Music Education Seminar (1CR/semester) 2CR
Choose (2) Credits (1CR per semester) from the following:  
MUSC 597 Independent Study* 1-3 CR
MUSC 523 Private Conducting* 1-3 CR
MUSC 524 Private Percussion* 1-3 CR
MUSC 525 Private Piano* 1-3 CR
MUSC 526 Private Voice* 1-3 CR
MUSC 527 Private Strings* 1-3 CR
MUSC 528 Private Brass* 1-3 CR
MUSC 529 Private Woodwinds* 1-3 CR
 *Approved elective credits repeatable; departmental approval required.
Choose (3) Credits from the following:  
MUSC 502 Graduate Music Seminar 3 CR
PSY 503 Statistics 3 CR
Elective Course of Choice (with Program Director Approval) 3 CR
Minimum Total Graduate Program Credits Required 30 CR

Program Requirements:
Applicants will be asked to interview with the Graduate Music Faculty once all other application materials are received.

Program Director:
Dr. Jon Rumney