Student Visa and Graduate Assistantship

Student Visa Information
Minot State University is authorized by the U.S. government to issue SEVIS Forms I-20 to assist non-immigrants to apply for F-1 visas. Admissions will issue I-20s to international students who meet all of the entrance requirements.

Information about international students in the U.S. is tracked using the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS). Students are assigned a SEVIS ID number which is located on the upper right hand corner. The ID number begins with an N and has 10 digits. Students are required by Congress to pay for this tracking system, and this SEVIS fee is an additional fee, not to be confused with the visa application fee. All new students must pay the SEVIS fee after receiving the I-20 form from Minot State University, but prior to visiting the U.S. consulate for their F-1 visa interview. Students from Canada, who do not require a visa, must pay the SEVIS fee before their first entry to the U.S. and will be asked for a copy of the receipt at the port of entry. To pay the SEVIS fee, go to the following website:

American government regulations allow students to enter the U.S. only within 30 days of the start date indicated on the I-20 form. MSU campus housing is not available until just before the start of school, so if you arrive early you are responsible for your own accommodations. New and transfer international students are required to attend a welcome orientation specifically for international students at the beginning of their first semester at Minot State University. This orientation is in addition to the general MSU “new student orientation” and is held a few days prior to the start of classes.

The I-20 form is first endorsed by a Minot State University’s Office of International Programs at the time it is issued and then must be re-endorsed at the end of each semester. These signatures confirm full-time student status and enable F-1 students and their dependents to enter and leave the country.

International students planning to travel outside of the U.S. during their entire length of study at Minot State University must bring their I-20 form to Office of International Programs for verification and signature renewal at least 24 hours prior to travel.

Students must be making satisfactory academic progress toward their major field of study in order to have their I-20 form endorsed each semester. ‘Academic progress’ means that the student must be taking course work that satisfies the declared degree requirements and maintain a satisfactory grade point average. Students who fail to meet these requirements will not be eligible to have their I-20 form re-endorsed.

Graduate Assistantships
Admitted international graduate students are eligible for graduate teaching, research, or service assistantships. International students wishing to be considered for assistantships should submit completed applications to the Graduate School no later than June 1 for the following fall, spring, and summer semesters. Conditionally and provisionally admitted students are ineligible for assistantship and tuition award consideration.