Health Insurance and Immunization

Mandatory Health Insurance
The North Dakota State Board of Higher Education requires all students who are not citizens or permanent residents of the United States or Canada to demonstrate health insurance coverage for themselves and their accompanying dependents.

The state of North Dakota recommends a specific insurance policy that meets the minimum coverage and benefits specifications required. The fee for health insurance for one year must be paid upon arrival prior to course registration, and at the beginning of each subsequent year and will be added to the student’s university account. Students who demonstrate proof of coverage under a comparable insurance policy with a different U.S. vendor or from a country with mandatory health insurance plans may request an exemption to this requirement. All exemptions will be handled through a waiver process through the Office of International Programs.

Canadian students are exempt from the mandatory insurance requirement. However, be advised that Canadian provincial insurance may be inadequate in the case of emergencies. Canadian students should consider buying supplemental insurance with a private provider.

Immunization Requirements
The state of North Dakota requires proof of immunity to measles, mumps, and rubella prior to registration for courses. Additionally, effective in fall 2012, newly admitted students ages 21 and younger residing in campus housing must provide documentation of immunity against meningococcal disease in accordance with the SBHE policy S06.1. Students should send copies of their immunization records to the Office of International Programs prior to arrival. Tuberculosis (TB) screening is also required of all international students and must be completed after arrival on U.S. soil, but prior to the first day of class. Students who fail to meet these requirements will have a “hold” placed on their institutional profile and account, and will not be allowed to register for courses.