The Minot State University Graduate School offers certificate programs centered around management and special education. These certificates are concentrated programs of study with required graduate credits.

The cybersecurity management (CM) certificate will elevate your capabilities in an area experiencing faster than average occupational growth in the United States. Become a leader in your organization by adding to or updating your knowledge and skills in cybersecurity and information assurance. Through active learning, case studies, and projects, you will gain knowledge of principles and practices in developing and implementing an information assurance and cybersecurity plan for your organization.

The deaf/hard of hearing education (DHHE) certificate prepares you to effectively teach students who are deaf or hard of hearing in a variety of education settings. The emphasis is on appropriately meeting the individual needs of children and youth, rather than promoting a specific communication philosophy. Depending on your background, you may need to meet certain pre-requisite coursework such as sign language, introduction to deaf education, and audiology. DHHE is also an emphasis area in our Master of Science in Special Education

While earning your early childhood special education (ECS) certificate, you will learn to work with young children, with or at risk for developmental delays, and their families. You will learn to support families, assess young children with suspected developmental delays, develop appropriate intervention programs, and coordinate a variety of services in home, education, and community settings. ECS is also an emphasis area in our Master of Science in Special Education

Minot State's graduate certificate in knowledge management (KM) will prepare you to be a knowledge leader in your organization by giving you the skills to use social spaces to present business solutions, collaborate, and transfer knowledge; describe how intangible assets create value; manage knowledge workers in a virtual environment; and exploit technology to enhance and accelerate management decisions.

Prepare yourself to lead organizations of the future, which includes building a diverse and inclusive work environment to maximize organizational outcomes. In our leadership concepts (LD) certificate, you'll learn skills such as leadership communication, employee development, managing and mitigating conflict, and leading organizations through change initiatives. 

Coursework in our learning disability (LD) certificate focuses on the theoretical and practical aspects of learning disabilities and effective support methods for this population. LD is also an emphasis area in the Master of Science in Special Education program.

Enhance your career with courses focused on three key business concepts: management, marketing, and information systems. Our management concepts (MC) certificate offers advanced skills in management with a two-semester program of study. You will gain knowledge of principles and practices in managing corporate and organizational resources, marketing functions, and an integrative managerial perspective for aligning competitive strategy, core competencies, and information system functions.

The special education strategist (SES) certificate is designed to prepare teachers as special education generalists. You will focus on supports for students who have learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities and autism, and emotional/behavioral disabilities, while enrolled in the program. SES is also an emphasis area in the Master of Science in Special Education program.