Grant Opportunities for Undergrads

Funding Your Research

This list of grant opportunities for undergraduates in the Geosciences is maintained for reference only. Apply for a grant to pay for part of your research project (software, computer time, equipment), or for money to attend a regional, national, or international meeting. The due dates for these grants usually change on a yearly basis, so if you are interested in applying for any of these, make sure you check the website of the granting agency for the due date, along with all of the required documentation that the grant must be accompanied by. This will usually include an unofficial or official transcript, and one or more letters of reference. You must ask your advisor for these well in advance of the grant due date, and you must supply the mailing or email address for the recommendations to be sent directly to. You, the student, will not have access to your letter of recommendation.

Please send me information on other grant opportunities that you may know of that are not currently part of this list and I will be sure to get them posted here.

Happy grant writing and good luck!

October 31st (yearly)  NASA DeWayne Martin Scholarship - get a handout from Karla in the Div. of Science Office.

December 5th, 2016    The North Dakota Space Grant Consortium is now accepting applications for spring semester 2017 research fellowships.  Students enrolled in STEM fields at an affiliate institution are encouraged to apply! Students who wish to complete research in a STEM or NASA-relevant field are encouraged to find a faculty mentor and apply for a fellowship. Eligibility and application details for  undergraduate  fellowships can be found here .  Undergraduate stipends for the spring semester are $3600. Students may apply online here. Applications are due December 5, 2016.

mid February (yearly)  Paleo Society Student Research Grants

February 14th, 2017     National Association of Geoscience Teachers (NAGT) Scholarship for Field Study. This scholarship can be used to pay for any class that offers field study opportunities - including field camp. The award is $750 - a not insignificant part of your summer field camp experience. Additionally, there are two additional spots sponsored by the Association for Women Geoscientists that are reserved specifically for women.

February 19th, 2018     Sustainable River Project. This NSF REU funded project offers several paid Summer research internship opportunities that examine questions of sustainability, use, and management practices on the Missouri River. Several individual research programs look at these problems from a geological, ecological, and chemical perspective, respectively. Summer stipend of $5,775 is provided in addition to funds for food, housing, and travel.

May 12th (yearly)     Bob and Kathy Mau Undergraduate Student Research Grant. The Bob and Kathy Mau Endowment provides funds that have been designated for support of undergraduate student geologic/earth scienceresearch in the Geoscience program at MSU. Application materials can be found here.

February 23rd, 2018 Minot State, Science Division Scholarship. This MSU administered scholarships range in award amount depending upon number of students applying, academic standing, etc. Pick up your application package from Dr. Collette, or in the Division of Science main office on the first floor.

March 1st (yearly)     GSA Rocky Mountain Regional Section Undergraduate Student Research Grants

March 1st (yearly)     Evolving Earth Foundation Student Grant Program

March 15th (yearly)     Sigma Xi Grants-in-Aid

April 1st, 2018            North Dakota Petroleum Council Al Golden Scholarship