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Driver and Traffic Safety Education

Driver and Traffic Safety Courses

DTS 230 - Driver and Traffic Safety Education (3 semester hours)
This course is an introduction to driver and traffic safety education. The purpose of the course is to train the prospective instructor to teach the classroom portion of driver education. More...

DTS 260 - Teenage Driving Behavior Problems (2 semester hours)
This is a course that examines current literature on teenage driving behavior in order to prepare potential driver education teachers to teach good decision-making skills to young drivers. More...

DTS 350 - Advanced Driving (3 semester hours)
This course trains the prospective instructor how to develop and teach in-car lessons. Advanced driving teaches prospective teachers how to improve the driving skills, perception skills, decision making skills, and general driving ability of their students. More...

DTS 450 - Organization, Administration, & Supervision of Traffic Safety Education (2 semester hours)
This course covers how to organize, schedule, and manage a driver education program. Topics include: reporting procedures as required by state offices. Prerequisite or Corequisite: DTS 230. More...

ED 592 - Special Topics (1 or 2 semester hours)
The one semester hour independent study requires a research paper on a driver and traffic safety topic approved by the instructor. The two semester hour independent study requires a research paper, lesson plans for teaching the topic, and an objective test over the topic. Students must be admitted to the MSU Graduate School as a non-degree seeking student before enrolling. If you live outside of Minot call (1-800-777-0750, Ext. 3990) for further information. The Minot phone number is 858-3990. More...

ED 500/2000 - ND Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association Conference Workshop (1 semester hour)
This weekend conference will be held in Mandan, ND in the spring. One semester hour credit of non-degree graduate credit can be earned. Visit the NDDTSEA website for more information.

ED 500/2000 - Parental Involvement Workshop (1 semester hour)
In response to the needs of North Dakota Drivers Education teachers, Minot State University will offer the online DTS Workshop: Parental Involvement, from June 15, 2018 to August 15, 2018. Teachers will earn one professional development graduate credit for the online workshop. The total cost is $150 for the online workshop and recording fee. Minot State will offer one online workshop each summer to provide DTS teachers a flexible option to meet their continuing education needs. The workshop registration is available online.

Minor Driver Recertification Course (no credit)
This online course is for minors (persons under the age of 18) whose driver's license has been cancelled by the Department of Transportation. This course meets the requirements of the Department of Transportation for relicensing purposes. For further information and registration go to:

   → Driver's License Recertification

North Dakota Driver Education Minor Equivalency Endorsement
Certification of driver and traffic safety educators in North Dakota is now a function of the Education Standards and Practices Board, 2718 Gateway Avenue, Suite 303, Bismarck, ND 58503. The Executive Director is Dr. Janet Placek Welk. Her email address is The phone number is (701) 328-9646.

To Register

If you have never taken a class at Minot State University you must complete an admission application prior to registering for the class. Instructions for this process can be obtained by visiting this website:

   → Undergraduate Non-Degree Seeking Student Information

Please contact MSU Online at 1-800-777-0750, Extension 3218 or 701-858-3218 for more information.

DTS 230, DTS 350, and DTS 450 will be offered during fall, spring, and summer terms. DTS 260 is only offered in spring. Classes could be cancelled if enrollment numbers are not sufficient.

ED 592 is offered each term. Contact Penny Brandt, Graduate Admissions Specialist (701-858-3413), for information on how to apply to the Graduate School. Contact Kari Schmidt (701-858-3990) to complete Independent Study paperwork.