Appropriate Attire

The Commencement Committee met and determined a process for all requests for students within an organization to wear an item representing their honor at Commencement. The deadline to submit the request by March 1 and the requests will be reviewed by the Commencement Committee. Please submit all requests to the Registrar's Office.

The student or advisor must submit the following information with the request:

  1. The name of the organization
  2. An explanation of the organization and reason for the request
  3. The GPA or other academic requirement for the honor
  4. A picture of the item (sash, pin, or stole) they would like to wear
  5. Contact information for the advisor or person submitting the request

Only approved student organizations will be allowed to wear an item representing their honor. There must be an academic honor associated with the request (i.e. a specific GPA requirement). The approval will be maintained for three years, then the organization will need to re-request. If an approved organization would like to wear a different item next year, they will need to submit a picture of the item by the March 1 deadline for approval by the Commencement Committee.