Jim McIntyre: alumnus discusses success

March 10th, 2015

Jim McIntyre, Otter Tail Corporation chief executive officer, visited Minot State University students, faculty and staff March 10 to discuss his career journey. The College of Business sponsored his presentation.

"Jim McIntyre serves as a role model and a mentor to our students," said Jacek Mrozik, College of Business dean. "He is an MSU alumnus who has applied skills and knowledge to become successful in the competitive business environment. Mr. McIntyre delivered a first-hand account of applied management practices, which is proof of the quality of education one earns at Minot State. He serves as an example to our students of what can be done with their education."

Graduating from Minot State in 1973, McIntyre has 40 years of experience in the business field and has held both chief executive officer and chief financial officer positions. In the past, he worked for Xcel Energy and Northern States Power. His main areas of interest are business ethics, strategic planning, empowerment in leadership, and corruption in international business.

"Be inquisitive and try to understand what the business is about," McIntyre told his audience. "Hopefully, your business will have a good strategic plan, and your business will value people as an asset rather than a commodity. If you have people that are willing and trying to learn and a strategic plan with good leadership, then the company can prosper, and the people can prosper right along with it."

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