Handbook - Priority Registration

Students with disabilities may be granted permission to register early before their regularly assigned registration time, if they meet any one of the following criteria:

  1. The student has a disability that requires classes to be relocated if they are scheduled into inaccessible spaces. In this instance, early registration would allow the Registrar the maximum time possible to rearrange class spaces.
  2. The student requires pre-arranged support services, such as pre-recorded audio, large print, Braille materials, or sign language interpreters that are necessary for accommodations.
  3. The student has a disability that requires their course schedule to be carefully planned with regard to the time of day that they take courses (i.e. a student who needs an hour to rest between classes, or only early morning classes, due to a medical condition, medical treatment, medication side effects, or sustained concentration or a disability that causes fatigue). The need for this type of accommodation must be verified by a physician or medical reports.
  4. The student has a disability that imposes geographical constraints due to mobility speed and/or endurance.

Students requesting priority registration due to a disability should communicate the request in writing or verbally to the Access Services Office. Each request will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the Access Services Coordinator, who in turn will work with the Registrar. Eligibility for priority registration will be periodically reevaluated and prior approval does not constitute automatic entitlement for on-going eligibility.

Priority registration is not to be a blanket accommodation for all disabled students, but must be justified by a professional evaluation of individual needs. Consideration for graduation time limitation, financial need, sponsorship by programs such as Worker’s Compensation, Vocational Rehabilitation, Veteran’s Benefits, private insurance, etc., are not justification for priority registration.

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