Common Accommodations

A student or prospective student who wishes to request disability accommodations or a formal review of disability documentation must submit a written and signed or in person request for such services. A request from a parent, a legal guardian, a clinician, a school official, or another third party will not be accepted in lieu of a direct request from the student.

Access Services personnel will not discuss the following with the parent or legal guardian of a student (term understood to include the prospective student) unless the student is present during the discussion and a signed release of information from the student is on file with Access Services.

  • The contents of a clinician's report or other documentation of disability
  • Additional documentation needed to fulfill documentation guidelines
  • The status of the disability documentation review process or the results of that process
  • A student's accommodation needs, approved disability accommodations or utilization of such accommodations, or the status of a student's request for accommodations and services
  • A student's academic progress

When appropriate, the student receives detailed written communication from AS concerning these matters. Parents and legal guardians are encouraged, therefore, to request information directly from the student.


Last modified: 10/30/2020

Exam/Testing Accommodations

  • Extended time on exams
    The length of time allotted is based on the disability. The amount of time can range as follows:
    • Time and a half (Ex: 30 minutes more on an hour exam)
    • Double time (Ex: 60 minutes more on an hour exam)
  • Quiet, distraction reduced test environment
    A distraction reduced testing environment is a setting outside the usual classroom or testing center that limits interruptions and other environmental influences. Other testers may be in the room.
  • Private testing room
  • Reader and/or scribe for exams
    • A “reader” can be a person or a technological device such as “ReadWrite” which provides an auditory format of written exams.
    • A scribe is someone who writes or types what a student dictates for a written exam.
  • Use of a computer to type essays

Once your exam accommodations have been established, schedule your tests online.


Last modified: 11/10/2020

Schedule a Testing Appointment Using Starfish

  1. It is the student’s responsibility to schedule their own tests. Access Service will not accept appointment requests from family, faculty, friends, or other service providers.
  2. Students must schedule their exams at least three business days before the test.
    Remember Saturday and Sunday do not count.
    *Be courteous to others by NOT scheduling several appointment times for one test.

    Tests can be scheduled online
    • Answer every question for AS to book your testing appointment. Incomplete forms will not be processed.
    • You will receive a confirmation email once you click ‘submit’.
    • You will receive a reminder one day before the exam.
    • If you must cancel the booking, click on the ‘click here to cancel this booking’ link at the bottom of the confirmation email.
      NOTE: Ensure you cancel the appointment if you no longer require it.
  3. Students must schedule their test for the same day and time as their classmates. However, if you are receiving extended time to take the test and you have back to back classes, please talk with your professor to determine other time options.
  4. Access Services must receive confirmation from the professor to schedule your exam other than your regularly scheduled class time.

You should not miss your next class when taking a test with Access Services!

Last modified: 11/10/2020

Arriving for your test

  • Arrive 5-10 minutes before your testing appointment. If you are more than 15 minutes late, a ‘no show’ will be reported to the professor. Rescheduling must be approved and verified by the professor.
  • Ring the Access Services (AS) doorbell. Once an AS staff member answers, please announce your name and intention (example: "Hi, I'm John Doe and I am here to take my 11 a.m. UNIV 123 test").
  • Wait outside the Access Services Testing Center until the Access Services staff member lets you in.
  • Access Services does not provide Scantrons.

Within the Access Services Testing Room

  • Leave your backpack, watches, jackets, and all electronics (cell phone, iPad, etc.) on the chair labeled "LEAVE BELONGINGS HERE". You must also empty your pockets.
  • Only testing aids preapproved by professors are allowed.
  • Students must use the computers within the AS testing room, and any other equipment provided by AS or the professor.

During the test

  • Keep your face mask on at all times while writing your test.
  • During the test, you will be monitored by surveillance cameras.
  • Ring the testing room doorbell twice if a student needs assistance or has a question during an exam, the student must ask the Access Services staff member who will contact the professor.
  • Students are given a 10-minute warning before their time is up.
  • If academic honesty is violated, Access Services staff will stop the exam and notify the professor.

After the test

  • Place everything (including test papers, used & unused scratch papers, notes/authorized 'cheat sheets') into the envelope. Leave the envelope in the black basket
  • Take your belongings, follow COVID-19 cleaning guidelines, and exit through the same door that you entered.
  • Ring the testing room doorbell to let AS Staff know that you have completed the test.
  • AS will scan the exam and return it to the professor via Blackboard. Once the professor notified AS they received the completed exam, the hardcopy exam will be shredded.
  • Scantrons are returned to the professor via campus mail, unless the professor requested to pick it up


Last modified: 11/10/2020

Electronic Texts (e-Text)

E-Text provides a digital file of printed text-based material which can be viewed on a computer. Those files can be vocalized by a computer using text-to-speech technology while simultaneously displaying the words on a monitor. Access Services cannot release the e-Text until the student provides a receipt of the purchased textbooks.

NOTE: Assess Services (AS) does not provide personal assistance or equipments (i.e. homework assistance, typing, personal laptops, personal aids).


Last modified: 10/30/2020

Student's Responsibility

  1. Find the book(s) that will be used in class by searching the MSU Bookstore. If no books are listed for your class(es), either contact the bookstore or your instructor.
  2. Complete the Alternate Format Request if it is your first time requesting. Returning students should fill out the Renewal of Accommodations form
  3. Meet with Access Services. Bring a copy of your class schedule and syllabi. AS uses the syllabi to know the dates of course content reviewed in class.
  4. Email a copy of textbook receipts for proof of purchase. 
  5. Option: Students may use the free download from Minot State as their screen reader. The program is Read & Write Gold and may be accessed at MSU Software Downloads. Your login and password as the same as your NDUS email account.

If using a personal storage device, the file is REQUIRED to be deleted at the end if the semester. 

Access Services Responsibility

  • Access Services processes student’s alternate format request form.
  • Next, Access Services contacts Access Text or the publisher for the PDF document.
  • As a last resort, AS produces in-house e-text.
    • This requires the student’s textbook; the book's binding will be cut off in order to scan the pages. After the textbook has been scanned and a PDF version has been made, AS will bind the book and return it to the student. The e-text will be provided via Microsoft OneDrive. Other storage devices are the responsibility of the student.

*Access Services cannot share your alternative textbook format until a copy of your textbook receipts are received.

Timeline is subject to change.

Last Modified: 10/21/2021

Students who qualify for an accommodation of "Class Notes" must discuss with their instructors on how you can capture the main concepts of the lecture. One of the following methods to receive notes may be used:

  • Ability to Record Online Lectures
    For classes provided online but not already recorded, a student may request permission from the instructor to record the lecture. These must be deleted at the end of each semester.
  • Ability to Audio Record Lectures
    As part of an accommodation plan, a student may use a personal device (i.e. laptop, smart phone, tape recorder, Smartpen, Read & Write) to record lectures and discussions. These must be deleted at the end of each semester.
  • Peer Note Taker
    If available, a classmate may be recruited to provide class notes content. Notes are provided as a supplement to the classroom experience; they are not intended to replace regular classroom attendance or participation.

Last modified: 10/21/2021


  1. Students must schedule a meeting with the Access Services Coordinator to discuss semester accommodations.
    1. Complete the Note Taker Request Form if it is your first time requesting. Returning students should fill out the Renewal of Accommodations form
  2. After meeting with the Access Services Coordinator, the class will be notified of a note taker need for their course. If the student knows a peer or friend in the class who may be interested, they can ask that person directly if they would like to be a note taker.
  3. Once a note taker is found, the student will be notified and will begin receiving notes.

Please note: A peer note taker may not be available for every class. It is important to discuss with your professor of the other options listed above.

Last Modified: 10/21/2021

Priority registration

  • Priority registration allows students early access to class registration so that alternate format (audio books) accommodations can be arranged or provided in a timely manner. It generally takes place prior to the time all students are allowed to register.

 Flexible time for assignments/projects/missed exams

  • Flexible Accommodations Guidelines
  • Flexible Accommodations Form – instructor and student should meet to fill out this form together

Interpreters and Captioning

  • Interpreter Policy
  • Service Request Form

Housing accommodations

  • For housing-related accommodation requests, including single room and assistance animals (service or emotional support), please visit the Residence Life and Housing's website at

Other accommodation deemed necessary are looked at on a case-by-case basis


Last modified: 10/21/2021