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Faculty Senate


Membership and Method of Selection: Membership includes one member each from Faculty Senate, Staff Senate, and Student Government Association. Other members include volunteers of staff and faculty from several departments on campus that represent one or more of the 8 dimensions of wellness: Physical, Social, Intellectual, Environmental, Multicultural, Emotional, Occupational, and Spiritual. The Chair of the committee is the Assistant Director of the Wellness Center and will serve indefinitely. Secretary will be voted in each summer and will serve for one year.

Term: The faculty senate, staff senate, and SGA positions are all 1-year, renewable terms. All other positions are ongoing.

Method of filling vacancy: When a vacancy arises, notification is given to those entities responsible for the initial appointments.

Duties of the committee: The mission of MSUWell is to promote the 8 Dimensions of Wellness by using a collaborative campus approach through health promotion, educational programming, and service to the Minot State community.

The 8 Dimensions of Wellness are Emotional, Physical, Occupational, Intellectual, Social, Spiritual, Environmental, and Multicultural.

Committee Members (As of August 2020)

  • Chair: Paul Brekke, Wellness Center
  • Sydney Yale, Wellness Center
  • Ben Bagwell, Wellness Center
  • Courtenay Brekhus, Alumni Office
  • Debrah Haman, Student Health Center
  • Chelsie Hultz, Education and Inclusive Services
  • Linda Conn, Center for Extended Learning
  • Aaron Hughes, Student Activities
  • Annette Mennem, Native American Cultural Center
  • Danielle Reinisch, Nursing
  • Kim Tiedman, Nursing
  • Karina Stander, Residence Life
  • Rachel Simonson, Lutheran Campus Ministries

Meeting minutes are available on Teams/Sharepoint.


  • 5K Homecoming Fun Run-MSUWell Scholarship Fundraiser
  • Blood Drives
  • Wellness Fair
  • Healthy Holiday Challenge
  • Biggest Loser Challenge
  • Team Walking Challenge
  • Marathon in May
  • Summer Food Trucks
  • CPR/First Aid Trainings