What's Next?

After the Summer Institute, there are a variety of opportunities for work, recognition and advancement in skills, as well as resume-building accomplishments to broaden opportunities for the future of our NPWP Summer Institute participants.  Once you become an NPWP teacher, we support your development and help you build on the momentum of your growing certifications and advancement.

NWP/NCTE Conference in November
Each year, NPWP offers financial assistance to teachers who have completed the Summer and/or Advanced Institutes in attending the National Council of Teachers of English Annual Conference. NPWP reimburses airfare, lodging, per diem expenses, and registration. Teachers in the past have attended conferences in Philadelphia, Chicago, Orlando, Las Vegas, Boston, Washington, D.C. and more. The conference provides a great continuing professional development opportunity.

NWP Conference in April
NPWP sends teachers who have attended or facilitated the Summer and Advanced Institutes to the Annual National Writing Project Conference, which is always held during the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC. Teachers also get to meet with our State Senators and Representatives to tell them about teaching in North Dakota and their experience with the Northern Plains Writing Project. NPWP reimburses airfare, lodging, per diem, and registration. Teachers get a chance to attend performance at the Kennedy Center as well as tour the capitol grounds, museums, and art galleries.

NDCTE Conference in August
Every summer, NPWP teachers present the writing lessons they have developed during the Summer Institutes at the North Dakota Council of Teachers of English Annual Conference in Mandan. NPWP reimburses lodging and NDCTE registration and membership. This exciting opportunity gives NPWP teachers a chance to showcase their recent developments in curriculum and increase your visibility amongst colleagues throughout the state.

Young Writers Workshops
NPWP teachers who have completed the Advanced Institute can be a part of facilitating a Young Writers Institute in their area. The workshops are no more than a week in length, meeting for half-day sessions. Workshops are designed to help students develop their creative writing skills. The workshop culminates in an anthology of their writing. Some creative workshops in the past have had as their theme puppet theater scripts, fractured fairytales, superheroes, graphic novels, and real rock bands. Bring your talent and interest to us and let’s facilitate a Young Writers Workshop in your area.

State Fair Writing Contest
NPWP teachers judge the State Fair Writing Contest and receive a stipend for doing so. Judges evaluate creative and heritage writings from several age categories and award a prize for the best in show. We encourage all teachers to give their students either a creative writing prompt or a heritage prompt so their students can submit a piece to the contest.

Prairie Blossoms Publication
Since 2013, NPWP published its first in a series of biennial anthologies. Prairie Blossoms includes writing done by teachers from the NPWP Institutes, NDSF Writing Contest winners and submissions from the Young Writers Workshops. As an NPWP teacher, not only will you receive a free copy of the latest anthology at the Summer Institute, you may be a featured author in the next publication!

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