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Foreign Language

Why Study Spanish?

  • Spanish is the third most used language in the world.
  • Twenty-one countries use Spanish as their official language.
  • The US is the fourth largest Spanish-speaking nation in the world.
  • About 13% of the US population speaks Spanish as their first language.
  • Los Angeles is the world’s second largest Spanish speaking city.
  • The growing number of US citizens of Hispanic heritage means more use of Spanish.
  • As is the case with French and Canada, the North American Free Trade Agreement is increasing economic interdependence with Mexico.
  • About 330 million people world-wide speak Spanish as their first language.
  • Approximately 200 million more speak Spanish as a second language.
  • In the US and Europe, Spanish is the most popular foreign language to learn.
  • Learning the language and traditions of another country gives you a new insight into your own culture.
  • There is a growing job market for those fluent in Spanish.
  • Knowledge of Spanish may provide a competitive edge in your career.
  • It will increase your relationship possibilities in your business and personal life.
  • There are internship, exchange, or study/travel abroad opportunities.
  • It will provide you greater geographic mobility.
  • Spanish is the official language of the United Nations and the European Union.
  • It will continue to increase at a greater rate than other modern languages.
  • The demand for Spanish courses has doubled world-wide in the last ten years.
  • Spanish is used world-wide on the Internet.
  • English borrows many words from Spanish such as: rodeo, macho, patio, etc.
  • Family heritage.
  • Friends or family study Spanish.
  • To build on the knowledge you have from high school.
  • To better understand English.
  • To gain cultural understanding.
  • Because it’s fun.