The page/file/folder chooser

The page/file/folder chooser dialog is fundamental to using Cascade version 8 and has changed completely since version 7. Any time you set up a link to a page or file, upload a new asset, create a new page, or move an existing page or asset you will interact with page/file/folder chooser dialog.

Some basic issues that will turn up at first

  1. The dialog will always resolve to "recent," meaning it will show recently accessed assets and folders. "Browse" is the second option, and if I could I would have it deafult here. "Browse" will let you see all of task specific image elements while "recent" will only show you a fragmented portion of the site's assets.
  2. In the dialog, the folder nested bread crumb view and the folder names below are clickable. The breadcrumb can help you move towards the root folder while the clickable folder taking you deeper.
  3. Choosing an asset or placement folder entails finding it in the site structure and slecting the radio button in frontt of the item.
  4. The views can be confusing as the dialog is task specific. If your choosing a placement folder, you will only see the folder structure not the contents. If you choosing an asset, you'll see everything.
  5. When using the dialog to choose an asset, "upload" is an option. This will be coverd in section 2, but can be really usefull for items that aren't already part of the site (new photos, PDFs, etc.).