Kristianstad University, Sweden

HKR logoKristianstad University, or Högskolan Kristianstad (HKR) in Swedish, is large enough to offer a variety of academic programs, yet small enough to allow students to get to know their classmates and teachers personally. Just like Minot State! This study abroad program is a favorite for our students because of the extra-curricular offerings and the friendly atmosphere that allows students to make life-long friends.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Kristianstad University offers classes taught in English in the fields of Business Administration, Computer Science and Humanities.

HKR also offers classes designed especially for international students (taught in English) that deepen the exposure to Swedish culture and language, including:

  • Swedish Language for International Students (for beginners)
  • Swedish, Past and Present
  • Intercultural Communication

Other courses offered may count as degree electives or general education requirements here at MSU. Minot State students attend HKR as exchange students.

Search for courses that will be offered during your semester abroad.

See a list of courses that have been pre-approved to replace MSU degree requirements or electives.

Make sure to speak with your academic advisor to get their help in choosing the most appropriate courses to while you are abroad.

You will need to enroll in 24 – 30 ECTS per semester; this is equivalent to 12-15 U.S. credits. ECTS stands for the European Credit Transfer System. According to Minot State policy, 2 ECTS credits are equivalent to 1 credit earned at Minot State.

Each class in your program will be graded by a comprehensive final exam. This different from most American classes where more emphasis is placed on weekly homework and tests throughout the semester.

Classes at HKR also differ from those at MSU by their start and end dates. Not all classes will start and stop on the same dates, so pay close attention to those details. Semesters are divided into different study periods by weeks. For example, “2021 W04 – 2021 W23” depicts that the class will start on the 4th week of the year and complete in the 23rd week. For "100% rate of study” courses, 1 week of class is equivalent to 1.5 ECTS. For "50% rate of study" courses span a longer period of time. It is advised not to take more than one "100% rate of study" course within the same study period.

The grades you receive in Kristianstad will be evaluated according to World Education Services (WES) grading standards published on the WES website and converted to an equivalent U.S. grade. Conversions can be accessed by selecting ECTS from the drop-down box.

Exchange students are guaranteed single room accommodation in the student dormitories. All rooms are furnished with basic equipment and internet connection. An on-campus cafeteria is available. However, most students cook their own food in their residence.

For more information about accommodation and the application procedure, please contact the HKR International Office.

Minot State students attend Kristianstad as exchange students. Here is an estimate of the total program cost based off of 2023 prices.

Tuition (12 credits @ Minot State) $4,316
Minot State study abroad fee $50
Mandatory health and emergency evacuation insurance $230
Swedish student residence permit $180
Meals $1,700
Housing $2,000
Books and materials $200

* These figures are estimates, provided for informational purposes only. Everyone's expenses will differ slightly according to your personal expenses, preferences and spending habits. The exchange rate at the time of your program will also impact the cost of living in Sweden. You will be provided with an updated budget breakdown once you are admitted into the program.

Your completed Minot State Study Abroad Application and all supplemental documentation must be submitted in one packet to the Minot State Office of International Programs by the appropriate deadline.

  • Summer Programs: March 15
  • Fall Programs: March 15
  • Spring Programs: October 15

If you are admitted into study abroad by Minot State, you will be invited to complete the HKR exchange student application.

More information on the study abroad application process.

Yes! If you do not already hold a passport you should apply for one now. If you do have a passport you should check its expiration date. Your passport needs to be valid for six months beyond the end of the semester in which you enroll.

All North American exchange students going to HKR must also apply for a Residence Permit to study in Sweden. Please follow the instructions given by the closest Swedish Embassy or Consulate in your home country.

After your final admission into the program by HKR you will receive an acceptance letter from Kristianstad University which will provide pertinent information needed for your residence permit application. You will then need to complete the application for your residence permit online. General information about the process can be found here.


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