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Lead an International Study Experience! 

Why lead a study abroad program?
Faculty usually lead study abroad programs for the following reasons:

  • To broaden students’ interest in their field of study
  • To link academic learning with practice in field of study
  • Interacting with students at multiple levels (as teachers, mentors etc...)
  • Building up credentials for tenure track and senior positions
  • Networking with foreign institutions (research projects...)
  • Promoting the University abroad
  • Breaking the routine!
Study Tour Approval Process

Minot State University has certain responsibilities and legal obligations toward our faculty and students who travel abroad on university business. It is important that care is taken to systematically check on issues of safety and travel advisories of the U.S. Government for foreign destinations of our staff and students. Any college, department, unit, individual faculty member or student organization planning an exchange with an institution abroad, a study abroad program, study tour, or other international activity for MSU students must seek prior approval from the MSU International Advisory Committee through the Office of International Programs.

Approval for individual activity, programs or tours abroad require information on the location of the proposed activity, when it will occur, who will accompany the group, who will host the group in the country of destination, and basic risk management. The review will be completed as quickly as possible and might include, as appropriate, the advice of University Legal Counsel.

Study tour proposal forms, along with the Faculty Study Tour Agreement, must be submitted to the Office of International Program by the following dates: 

Program Date: Deadline
Summer Term: April 1st the previous year
Fall Semester: October 1st the previous year
Spring Semester: April 1st the previous year

» Faculty-led Study Tour Proposal Form [pdf]

Non-compliance: Faculty who are negligent in complying with this policy may have their right to participate in university related international activities involving students revoked in addition to any other sanctions that may be imposed by MSU. Appeals of sanctions follow normal MSU policy.

Guidance and Support for Faculty and Staff
The Office of International Programs is glad to work with faculty as they plan their course abroad or study tour. We help you consider issues such as budgeting, location of program, on-site logistics, orientation, course delivery, student selection, outreach, and pre-departure orientation. Additional information regarding OIP role and responsibilities is outlined in the Faculty Study Tour Agreement form.

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MSU’s International Partnerships

International Cooperative Agreements
Minot State has developed cooperative partnerships with institutions around the world, offering MSU students and faculty the opportunity to participate in faculty and student exchanges, collaborate on research, joint teaching and the development of joint-education programs.

Below is a list of MSU current international cooperative partner institutions:

» Denmark: Aalborg University
» Norway: University of Southeastern Norway
» Poland: SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities

» Sweden: Kristianstad University
» Taiwan: MingDao University

Interested in initiating a new international partnership?
Check out these guidelines for establishing new cooperative partnerships.

Transfer Articulation Agreements
In addition to cooperative relationships, MSU has also developed transfer articulation agreements with institutions abroad with the intent to either facilitate a smooth transfer into MSU, or to allow students the ability to earn dual degrees.

» View copies of current agreements with ALL international partner institutions

Study Abroad Affiliates
Affiliate programs are third-party study abroad providers that have been thoroughly researched and pre-approved by the MSU International Advisory Committee. MSU affiliate programs have been chosen specifically for the quality and credibility of their academic offerings, affordability, and the level of service provided to participants. Students can choose from a wide array of locations, program lengths and fields of study through MSU affiliate providers.

Current MSU approved study abroad affiliate programs are:
» Florence School of Fine Arts
International Studies Abroad
» Semester at Sea

Copies of affiliate agreements are available by request through the director of International Programs.

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